1st August 2013: Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T Square for the month…

by Sarah on 01/08/2013


Doing the Cosmic Laundry


Sarah Varcas

Welcome to August! Throughout this month Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto team up to form a T Square, which means Uranus remains a focal point of attention for several weeks to come. With Uranus in this position we are all under pressure as the birth of the Aquarian Age increases in pace and vigour. We’re now approaching the half-way point of the Uranus/Pluto square which marks the arrival of the new age, and frequently these days we are asking ‘When does the pressure let up?!’. There have been so many promises along the way of THE moment when everything shifts into a new reality that we may find ourselves feeling jaded and battle-weary as each new day seems to bring yet more challenge and strife.

I know it’s tough, believe me! And I know we’re at a point where it could be so easy to throw in the towel and call it a day: leave the new age to someone else while we sink in the morass of everyday life which feels so heavy and dense at times. But I also know that we, you and me, have come so far already and no matter how tough things may still seem, we are not where we used to be and in a while we won’t be where we are now. We will have moved on yet again and be looking back upon this time as one of immense struggle and enormous possibility. The question, however, is whether we’ll be looking back on a decision to identify with the struggle or to realise the possibility…

Which is precisely the challenge presented to us with this new month. The charts for today are… well… off the chart! I don’t think I have ever seen so much going on in one small space!! We are in a cosmic washing machine being thrown this way and that, immersed one minute in dirty water, then clean, which becomes dirty again, then clean, then spun around a bit, then another deluge…We can, of course, rest assured that we’ll be sparkling like new by the time it’s all over, but it may be a longer cycle than we’d hoped and when we’re all in it together it can get pretty squashed and intense in there!

So it’s really no wonder that we want it all over, sorted in the blink of an eye. Problems solved, pain healed and dancing onward into a bright and happy future. I know I do! But I also know it isn’t going to work like that and clearing out the mess of millennia takes time, patience, resolve and a willingness to keep on getting back up to BE the change in every moment, even as the voice inside our head speaks in honeyed tones about how much easier it would be to give up and give in: ‘You’ve done your bit. Played your part. Let others take the baton now…’.

Which brings us back to the T Square I mentioned, because throughout this month we may have to get used to this voice and even enter into some pretty hefty negotiations with it at times. Because, after all, it has a point and we could really use a break. However, it is only one of many voices inside us and we can choose which we seek to endorse and which we choose to ignore. Pluto in Capricorn speaks to us of rethinking our relationship with power, redefining our understanding of what is truly powerful in this world and nothing is more powerful than being able to stay standing when everything and everyone is trying to drag us down, or to keep on moving when our path is strewn with obstacles. Just as nothing is more powerful than being still when fear is snapping at our heels or standing back when life says ‘wait’ and everyone else says ‘hurry up, you’ll miss the boat!’. This is the power that we each have inside of us to use every day. At times it may seem like it’s gone, disappeared, finally melted away in the face of too many challenges, too much pain. But it never leaves us. Never. We all have our own personal Pluto inside us, powerful beyond measure, ready to transmute even the darkest and heaviest places inside us when the time is right.

Throughout this month the alliance between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter may well challenge and stretch us, but Jupiter in Cancer only ever wants the best for us and Uranus in Aries simply wants us free. Together they know that freedom is worth the struggle it often takes to achieve it and the struggle itself can become a dance when we loosen up, embrace the flow and make up some new steps as we go along.

As always, I write these words to myself as the heavens speak to me, and I hope that in speaking to me they speak to you too. We are all in this together.

With Love,

Sarah Varcas

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