Astrological Messages for Week Beginning 27th May 2013

by Sarah on 26/05/2013


A Week To Unwind


Sarah Varcas


This week we find ourselves with the eclipse season behind us. A sigh of relief may be in order, or a prayer of thanks for the opportunities and progress it brought our way, or a bit of both! With the Uranus/Pluto square thrown in for good measure, it’s been quite a time of late and many of us could do with easing off on the accelerator a bit and allowing the flagging parts of ourselves to catch up again and reconnect.

Thankfully, that’s generally what the cosmos has in mind for the final days of May: an opportunity to stand still, take stock and allow the dust to settle. Monday 27th sees a fairly up-lifting hue to the cosmic energies, with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Neptune joining forces to encourage us in our visions for a positive and hope-filled future. No, we won’t suddenly wake up and find our dreams have come true and all our problems are solved, but we could certainly discover a new perspective on some jaded thoughts and feelings that have really served their purpose and need to be left to dissolve into nothing. Think wispy clouds that disappear as you watch them floating across the sky…we don’t even need to questions these thoughts or wonder what lies behind them, analysing our past and its influences upon our present. This week we can just let them go. They’ve served their purpose, had their day, and now it’s time for a change.

In their place, as the week progresses, we can begin to embrace a new way of seeing our world. We’re not talking lightning-bolt insights or radical change here, just a gentle but none-the-less persistent awakening to an underlying truth we may not have appreciated before, or one that yes, we’ve previously recognised but which keeps floating out of sight again. This week we can begin to anchor its energy and the insights it brings, enabling us to weave its presence into the very fabric of our every day life. It takes time to do this, and we can all too easily slip back into our habitual ways of living and responding to life, but if we stay alert this week we have an opportunity to ground something fresh and new into our reality, enabling it to grow roots there.

Best we don’t push ourselves this week. It’s time to receive energy, not expend it. Allow life to unfold as it will, take some time to rest if possible, go gently and remember to sniff the flowers along the way. It’s been a tough and hectic couple of months and we owe it to ourselves and each other to ease off and chill out. And my humble advice is to take the opportunity now because June brings some interestingly creative opportunities but we need to be recharged to make the most of them and not let them slip by in a haze of exhaustion and burn out!

Enjoy your week everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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