9th September 2013: Cosmic Reflections on Power

by Sarah on 09/09/2013


The Mighty Heart


Sarah Varcas

Issues of power continue to raise their head as the week begins, and the cosmos encourages us to reflect on how we use it in our own lives. Brute force, it reminds us, is not an expression of power but of weakness and fear. It reflects a limited imagination and a black and white attitude which fails to accommodate the nuances of potential and possibility inherent within every moment. If we feel the need to force our views, our perspective or our priorities on another person we are coming from a place of lack in which we fear the consequences of difference and dissent, experiencing them as a threat to our worth and value as an individual. Somehow, the more people that agree with us the more robust we feel, but introduce the voice of disagreement and we can begin to feel very vulnerable indeed, especially if that voice grows, drowning out the expression of our own truths.

Today the heavenly spotlight shines upon the place of true power within: the heart which can own and express its own truth whilst recognising no-one else is obliged to adopt it as theirs. This is the heart which can speak of hopes and fears without the need to convince, of plans without the need to recruit and of possibilities without the need to deny that they may never come to pass. This heart knows that in every moment there are myriad ways to view life, the world and to understand what’s really going on: as many perspectives as there are people on the planet. It speaks openly and without guile, whilst allowing others to do the same, no matter what their message may be. This is the heart that resonates with the complexities and paradox at the centre of life. It forever guards the mystery of how it is we are all of one race, one planet and yet such diversity of thought, feeling and opinion still exists among us.

This place of true power, the open and insightful heart, beats within each one of us but it is up to us to listen for its rhythm and step into flow with it. We can, and often do, choose to ignore it, instead walking to the rhythm of ego and identity, engaging with the outside world as with an enemy not to be trusted until they’ve proved they’re on the same page as we are. But the world, the ‘other’ – whatever form it takes in our lives – is not an enemy, it is merely another face of ourselves reflected back in a form hard to recognise but none the less part of who we are. If we fight against difference we are fighting against ourselves and the paradoxes which exist within us. In doing so we demand that we, ourselves, become a monochrome version of the multicoloured being we could be, purely in the interests of a dubious sense of security and worth.

No longer, the heavens remind us now, can we pursue that kind of security and get away with it. It is not a harmless act, to impose our views on others or write them off because their beliefs are not ours. It is an act of violence, as damaging as any that cause physical wounds, except these wounds cannot be seen and as such they go deeper to fester, awaiting a time when they can seek their revenge upon a world which cannot tolerate difference, dissent and paradox.

This week each one of us has the opportunity to align ourselves with the open heart that we share, in whose vastness we can co-exist without strife or discord, or with the ego which says difference is to be feared and dissent to be crushed. We need to choose well, because the consequences of that choice will echo throughout the coming weeks and months, as we head towards the eclipses in October/November and the next stage of the Uranus/Pluto Square.

Have a good week everybody.

Sarah Varcas


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