9th June: In the Wake of the New Moon

by Sarah on 09/06/2013


It’s All a Matter of Choice…


Sarah Varcas

In the wake of the New Moon, the cosmos gets a bit sentimental today! There’s a feeling of nostalgia in the air, perhaps even some melancholy. We may be tempted to look back and wonder whether we’ve made the right decision in moving away from past conditions, relationships or even old emotions that we’ve been wanting to release. For a while the old and familiar may look more inviting than the new and unknown ahead. But not to worry. This is a passing state of affairs and not one that will derail our best efforts to change and progress unless we allow it to.

In fact we can even allow ourselves the indulgence of nostalgia today. There’s nothing wrong with looking back and appreciating the good times. Doing so can actually be an act of gratitude and acknowledgement of all those people, places and events that have made our lives what they are today. It’s important to remember, however, that where we find ourselves now is also the past of our future. One day we will look back upon our present lives and it may be worth considering just how we will view the decisions we’re currently making.

Today the heavens remind us we have many choices, no matter how limited our options may sometimes seem. Many of those limitations arise from our own expectations about life and how it should unfold. If we believe we should own our own home by the time we’re fifty this will limit other choices we could make. If we believe that a relationship should meet our every need this will limit the choice of potential partners we may have. Neither of these expectations is wrong, of course, or right, for that matter! We all have certain standards we want to uphold in life, but where we often miss the point is in recognising that those expectations inevitably place limits upon other options available to us. If you want to own your own home you’ll probably need a steady income for a significant period of time which may mean being tied to a job you don’t really enjoy. It’s a valid choice and one that many people make, but if we make that choice and then complain about the job and our financial responsibilities we’re failing to make the connection between the choices we make and the consequences we experience.

Making these connections is vital now, precisely because there are so many more ways to ‘do’ life than we may currently realise. Once we can see the consequences of our choices and expectations we can more consciously review them and decide whether we want to hold onto them, or let them go and embrace something more liberating in their place. There is no ‘right’ answer to this conundrum, but it’s important that we recognise our part in creating the conditions of our lives and the possibility that we could change those conditions by making choices based on different expectations.

Which brings us back to nostalgia, because in ten or twenty years time we’ll be looking back to now and reflecting on our current choices. I wonder what we’ll make of them then…?

Happy reflecting everybody….

Sarah Varcas

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