9th July: Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 09/07/2013


Putting the Past to Bed


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters Leo lifting us from the watery realms of the Cancer New Moon and firing up our energy somewhat. Given that we’re currently under the influence of two Grand Trines in Water this is not a bad thing! All this water everywhere has been getting some people down I know, whilst for others it has been a saving grace of gentle healing. But either way this Moon reminds us that we cannot live forever in the realm of emotion. We must balance it with action, intention and commitment in order to manifest the fruits of the healing we’re currently receiving.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this month, there’s a strong emphasis now upon childhood patterns of thought and behaviour. We have an opportunity to see them for what they are and let them go in order to bring all of our energy into the present and start afresh right here, consciously choosing our reactions to life rather than being bullied by them! This Leo Moon offers a helping hand with this, but we need to stay alert to what triggers old responses in us in the coming few days. We have the chance now to really put the past to bed, but we could just as easily and unwittingly keep it up all night instead, feeding old habits that have long had their day.

When in Leo the Moon can be egocentric, believing itself to be the centre of the universe, forgetting that it’s only reflecting the light from the Sun! We may end up doing the same, becoming so absorbed in our own perspective on something that any other angle doesn’t even register in our consciousness let alone hold any potential validity!! If, however, we can guard against this tendency, we now have access to energy that can feed our enthusiasm for living life in a new way that frees us from old dictates and expectations. But we must stay awake to navigate this terrain. It may not be as easy as it sounds and we could find ourselves living out old patterns even whilst believing we’re doing the opposite!

Nothing’s simple at the moment. We’re surrounded by complex and paradoxical energies that are pulling us this way and that. One minute we think we’ve got it all sorted, the next it’s all fallen apart again. One day we know what we want and are ready to go all out to get it, the next we can barely summon up the enthusiasm to get out of bed! But there’s no cause for alarm. When healing old patterns as we are now, there can be a time of disorientation as our old and familiar ‘settings’ are recalibrated. We need time to ‘bed in’ new ways of thinking and behaving, new thoughts and feelings. And we need to forgive ourselves when we forget our decision to do life differently, and start walking old familiar paths again. That will happen too, and it’s okay. When we realise what’s happened, we can just step out of them and return to the present once more.

This Leo Moon comes to us at a time when we have much still to process, giving us energy to invest in the tasks at hand. How we use that energy is up to us. If we invest it in the past then the past is what we’ll get, in all its dubious glory! If we invest it in the present, it will brighten our hearts and fire up our resolve to keep on walking into the new. I know what I want to do with it. How about you?

Have a good day everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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