9th – 22nd November 2015: Saturn, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith Align

by Sarah Varcas on 03/11/2015


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If You Think You Know What Love Is….


Sarah Varcas

Right after Venus enters Libra, Saturn, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith align to harness the restorative power of creation which secures the balance through which life’s cycles are fulfilled. Whilst Venus awakens the compassionate heart, this alignment awakens the fierce one which comes at the world with such tenacious force that nothing can stand in its way. In Black Moon Lilith’s alliance with Saturn and Neptune she honours our pure and vital essence whilst acknowledging that we may sometimes need a rude awakening to do the same!

The symbiosis of life is reflected here. We do not exist in a vacuum but instead rely upon all manner of things for our survival: each other, the elements, Mother Earth, fate and chance, karmic forces and those of creative design. The heavens now remind us that because we don’t exist in a vacuum, we cannot act as if we do, for every decision and action, word and deed ripples far beyond our current time and space. With Saturn and Neptune approaching their first exact square later this month, tension is mounting and intensity builds. Against this backdrop Black Moon Lilith has her work cut out for her as we’re not at our most receptive right now! Yes, she agrees with Venus that love has to be the way, but she reminds us that love can take many guises and we may mistake it for something entirely other than love if we fail to recognise this fundamental fact.

Black Moon Lilith speaks of love that burns hard, searing love, tough love and angry love. She reflects all that challenges notions of politeness and acceptability for in her world if we cannot be who we are, what’s the point of being? She’s tempted to dismiss Venus’s notion of tenderness and affection, but stops in her tracks, recognising that even the gentlest love can burn so bright it dispels demons from our door. In this alignment with Saturn and Neptune, Black Moon Lilith must confront her own wild love whose intensity may repel, causing us to run for cover from something so all-consuming. And then she must know that no matter our response she can only be who she is and bid us do the same. This strange and powerful fortnight, during which the heavens align to recalibrate love’s vibration, we may find ourselves confused and confounded by its many guises.

‘If you think you know what love is, think again!’, says Lilith now. It may be hurricane force, battering down our door to reach us, breaking apart the earth to penetrate our soul. It may come as a lightning strike of awakening that renders all past things irrelevant. This alignment opens the gates to the reshaping power of love which may hit us where it hurts to cut to the chase and shift our perception. If the soft and gentle kind doesn’t break us open enough to embrace the paradoxes of this world a more ‘boisterous’ love may be called for: unrelenting in its attempts to show us where we deny our true nature by imprisoning it in convention and identity.

Love is not gifts and flowers, platitudes and pleasantries. It is the primal force that sparks the creative flow, the crash of waves on the shore and the courageous tenacity needed to look into the darkness and name all that lurks there. It is a formidable force that can knock us off our feet with its many faces of grief and longing, fierce compassion and terrible grace. Love toughens as it softens and places grit where once the ground gave way. This is the love that explodes into becoming and births the universe in which we all dwell.

It may feel like a far cry from the divine beauty of Venus in Libra and even seem obstructive to the greater goal of unity and accord. But the cosmos speaks now of mighty love catalysing unfathomable change, that sows wisdom where there is war, compassion where there is hatred and deep, abiding peace in the hearts of all living things.

Sarah Varcas

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