9th – 11th August 2013: Cosmic Truth

by Sarah on 09/08/2013


Secondhand Truths and Ill-Fitting Suits


Sarah Varcas

This weekend the heavens continue the theme of communication and finding our own unique voice. Our voice is our truth, it is the energy that courses through our veins and illuminates our spirit. Our message, however we transmit it to the world, is our unique energetic fingerprint which marks us out from every other. No one can have the exact same message because none of us have lived the exact same life. We each bring our own experience, point of view, inner wisdom and outer knowledge together to form our unique contribution to the world around us.

But in the search for our authentic truth we can easily become hijacked by the truths of others donned like an ill-fitting suit which looked great on them but which somehow doesn’t quite cut the mustard for us! We try to wear it none the less, making an alteration here, a bit of hemming there, an extra button where one shouldn’t be needed. It’s kind of okay.. you know.. it’s something to wear and it keeps us decent, but it’s not really our style and eventually it’s a relief to take it off and chuck it away. In a world where so many are now seeking truth this happens a lot and can become a stumbling block that’s hard to overcome. Everywhere we turn someone else is telling us how it is (or isn’t), the next great technique to heal us in two minutes and fulfil our every dream in the blink of an eye. It worked for them it’ll work for us!!

Or will it? This is the question posed by the heavens today. Because in the complex tapestry of life no set of conditions is replicated exactly, no two moments have the same energetic imprint, no two people have the exact same path to walk and, at the end of the day, we can only ever walk our own path into our own future, not someone else’s into theirs. Which is not to say that we can’t share our knowledge, speak our wisdom and support each other as we go, but we need to be ready in each and every moment to say ‘No, that isn’t for me, it isn’t my path or my truth’ and then walk away towards our own horizon line. Likewise we must allow others to do the same and turn their back on ours when the time is right, blessing them as they go.

But truth has always been a bone of contention among humans! We do so love ‘owning’ it and holding its power over others, embracing those who agree with ours and rejecting or cursing those who don’t. It can be hard to break these habits as we seek to establish a new age of wisdom and healing. Okay, we may not take a gun and shoot someone who disagrees with us, but we may still judge them as wrong, or not as ‘advanced’ as we are, because of course if they were they’d agree with us! It can be so easy to forget that truth is a very personal affair and who are we to tell others what theirs should be? Who are we to know what path they came here to walk this time around?

So this weekend the heavens throw us back upon ourselves to question our own truths and our own unique voice. Is it really ours, they ask us? Or did we pick it up along the way from someone else who wore it better than we do? What do we find when we take it off? An empty space where our own truth has been neglected? A vibrant source of inner wisdom that we didn’t realise was there? A blank page just waiting for us to write our own truths anew?

This time, the cosmos reminds us, is not about second-hand truths and making-do, it’s about finding the source of wisdom within us and living from there with integrity and honour, insight and awareness. It’s about sensing the beating heart at the centre of the universe which connects us all whilst marking each one of us out as unique, a never again repeated moment of creation, following its own nature and fulfilling its own destiny. We each have truths glowing within us, personal and universal, some to be shared and others purely for our own edification. In the coming few days we have an opportunity to turn within and discover just what they are, because for our outer voice to be strong and clear our inner one needs to be honoured and respected as the endless source of wisdom and love that it is.

Enjoy a truth-full weekend everyone!

Sarah Varcas 

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