9th /10th June 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces

by Sarah Varcas on 02/06/2015


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A Gift of Lunar Healing


Sarah Varcas

This Moon occurs at 3:43 pm GMT on 9th June in the 19th degree of Pisces. Conjunct Chiron, she brings emotional healing but may briefly stir up some feelings in the process. She is deeply holistic, seeking to balance all levels of our being. She perceives connections often overlooked and knows deeply how imbalance at one level ripples through all others. We are in good hands with her: kind and gentle, wise and strong. She carries ancient wisdom brought to us in a present moment of healing grace.

Emotional boundaries may be especially porous now. What feels like ‘me’ may in fact be the experience of another, broadcast though the collective energy field. Disowned and denied emotions often operate in this way, seeking expression through an alternative conduit when they cannot find it at their point of origin. Whilst some people are more prone to experience ‘second hand’ emotion than others, at this Quarter Moon anyone could be carrying another’s emotional load – knowingly or otherwise – which makes conscious awareness important, together with a gentle acceptance of all that is.

If we are beset with emotion or feeling especially sensitive it’s okay. Feelings are being healed, emotions brought back into balance. We may be doing this for ourselves, for someone else or the general collective. However this Moon impacts us, healing is available that exactly matches our needs. When in Pisces the Moon knows deep compassion. She desires unification: a return to the One out of which all things arise. The world of emotion becomes a hazy mix of yours and mine, feelings picked up from the ether and atmospheres born of the past, living on energetically in the inner and outer environment. The harshness of being separate, born an individual in a world that further divides, is anathema to this Moon. She knows you as me, now as then, the past as the present. It doesn’t matter who felt this way originally, the intention is simply to heal wherever pain arises.

Any tendency to personalise our feelings and assign them significance in our individual narrative misses the point. She doesn’t need the story behind the feeling, the justification of emotion. All this Moon wants is a willingness to feel, to allow emotion to rise up unfettered and be acknowledged, perhaps for the very first time. She makes us both the channel for emotion and the conduit for healing. It doesn’t need to be logical or make any kind of sense. We don’t have to justify how we feel, we simply have to feel. In doing so we bring what is felt into the light of awareness which knows that no emotion can break us when fully acknowledged and allowed to pass through us unbound.

Denial, avoidance and fear of emotion often prevent such full experiencing. This in turn perpetuates a fractured psyche in which we struggle for ground when the going gets tough. If we cannot embrace the misery of life we cannot entertain its joy. If we avoid grief we cannot receive love, and if we deny anger we will struggle to know fully the passionate pursuit of a better world. No matter our relationship with emotions up to now, this Moon awakens us to the quickening power of simply feeling whatever arises in the moment, turning our gentle and accepting awareness to it. Allowing it to be in our consciousness while healing forces, replete with compassionate love, are brought to bear on its journey back home to the unified heart of the divine.

It’s not always easy to set the mind aside when feelings are rife. Thought is triggered by emotion: memories, theories about why we feel the way we do, inner narratives that tell us to pull ourselves together, or remind us how hopeless life is! None of this matters now. Let the mind do what it does. We don’t have to listen or join in. All we need do is allow ourselves to feel, to welcome emotion whatever it may be, no matter how bewildering. Healing is afoot and understanding is not necessary to receive it. We simply need to be present with what is, allowing feelings to arise, be felt and released, be they yours, mine or simply floating in the ether for millennia. All emotion is energy and all energy is ultimately divine, seeking its way back to source. As this Moon wanes to New we can each light its path back home and gently help it on its way.

Sarah Varcas

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