8th/9th September 2014: Full Moon in Pisces

by Sarah on 04/09/2014


 Full Moon


Embracing Our All


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full in the 17th degree of Pisces at 1:39 am GMT on 9th September 2014. Closely conjunct Chiron, this is a deeply healing Moon but not without its’ challenges. Chiron in Pisces seeks a dissolution of all that divides and separates, much like Neptune. However, unlike Neptune it requires that we establish ourselves as separate beings before we seek to transcend individuality to once again embrace our collective unity. This is the challenge of Chiron in Pisces: separation and individuality feel so painful, and yet we must embrace them in order to walk more deeply into Chiron’s healing gift of unity with all and everything. We cannot transcend that which we have yet to embody. It just doesn’t work that way! If we try to do so we merely take a short cut to transcendence which inevitably results in a loss of meaning or sense of purpose because we have side-stepped the growth of a healthy ego in favour of fleeing an ill-formed and immature one.

This Full Moon reveals the ways in which we have tried to circumvent this process and get to the unity without experiencing the separation. We may do this by denying or avoiding our differences with others, pretending we feel a certain way or don’t feel certain things when we do. We perceive that this denial will help us avoid those parts of ourselves which separate and isolate us: anger, judgement, those aspects of our being which we fear may trigger rejection in others. But in fact all we are doing is slowing down our awakening, holding back the life force within which yearns to return to unified consciousness with all things. We may tell ourselves that thinking only of love and light will get us there quicker, but if doing so deflects us from thoughts of anger and feelings of pain which need our compassionate attention, we are simply side-stepping that which, ultimately, cannot be avoided.

In essence, this Moon reminds us that we may mistake inter-personal unity with the oneness that we experience at times of our greatest authenticity and resonance. The two are not the same. We can feel totally at one when completely alone, and completely isolated from the divine when in a crowd of people who profess to love us. The issue is one of our own completeness not whether or not we are aligned with our immediate environment. At the time of this Full Moon we may discover just how deeply we have betrayed our own inner knowing in the hope of maintaining external connections or eliciting certain responses from other people. She shines her light upon denied feelings and thoughts, painful memories left to fester in the recesses of our mind, pretence that we sustain to be ‘acceptable’ to those with whom we wish to be aligned. This is challenging and painful stuff. It can be ‘icky’, seeing how we twist and turn, squirming through the gaps in our lives to try and keep all the plates spinning without revealing our true nature to those who we’d rather didn’t see it (which can include ourselves, by the way!).

Oh how we complicate things and how simple they become when we can embrace what we avoid and accept who we are! For in doing so we can also accept that we are not who we are at all, but something altogether more amazing: light, fashioned as form; life waking up to itself; the embodied divine; the first breath as it resonates throughout the ever expanding universe. This is the path of Chiron in Pisces upon which this Full Moon shines: to accept who we are in our humanness in order to realise what we are at our essence. To do the latter we must welcome the former and rejoice, for in simply being who we are, like it or lump it, we open the door for the unity we crave and experience the truth of the unified field which both surrounds and fills us, within and without, ever present through time and space.

Sarah Varcas

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