8th/9th – 22nd /23rd July 2015: Mercury in Cancer

by Sarah Varcas on 07/07/2015


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Beyond Words


Sarah Varcas

Mercury enters Cancer at 6:53 pm GMT on 8th July, heralding a fortnight during which communications may become confused if we rely on hard facts and unequivocal clarity. This Mercury resonates with the less verbal aspects of communication: body language, tone of voice, words unspoken. Under the influence of emotions rather than intellect, it connects instinctively with the subtle currents that underpin inter-personal exchange and knows that what appears to be happening on the surface is but a small part of all that shapes our relationships.

In an alliance with Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury alerts us to deep undercurrents present now. Feelings unexpressed, thoughts not shared, perspectives untested against reality may significantly influence how we view the world and interact with each other in the coming days. We may say one thing but mean another or censor the truth in an effort to influence someone else. What seemed incredibly clear will become clouded and words may pale into insignificance against the backdrop of feelings intuited from the world around us. This is a sensitive Mercury, resonating with the unified energy field that connects us all. We owe ourselves and each other a significant duty of care at this time, for words can open wounds and what is said in haste may trigger withdrawal, forever changing the course of a life.

It is easy to take things personally at this time. Objectivity is weak, subjectivity powerfully strong. It may be hard to see another’s point of view, especially when it concerns us personally. Likewise, others may be less than receptive when we share what we believe to be a perfectly reasonable perspective! All in all this is not the time for significant discussions about important matters. Even agreements reached now, no matter how clear they may seem at the time, may soon reveal vast rifts of understanding born of untested assumptions and emotional reactions. If you can put off those negotiations for a couple of weeks, it would be wise to do so. Mercury in Leo, come the end of July, will be a far better ally in such matters!

That said, this is a positive time if we want to better connect with someone who has previously confused us. Mercury in Cancer is content with confusion, and can tease out the bits that matter even if it can’t readily put them into words. Odd feelings, a sense of something not being ‘quite right’, a weird dynamic between ourselves and another, all of these can be offered up to Mercury in Cancer for its gentle exploration. There can be something incredibly freeing about no longer having to rely on words to get our point across. This Mercury is happy to sit in silence and simply ‘pick up’ what’s on your mind, processing body language, facial expression, the energetic vibe transmitted. All of this makes far more sense to it than a statement of fact contradicted by the very face that delivers it! If emotions abound and issues must be addressed which stir them even more, Mercury can assist if we are prepared to let go of pre-conceived notions about what communication should be, instead embracing the myriad levels at which it really takes place.

During this passage of Mercury the mind is a tool of the emotions not the intellect, and can be an ally of the heart or the ego. We can use it to take offence when none was meant, make personal what wasn’t or fear exposure so much that we simply clam up. Or we can use it to connect emotionally with those around us, open our hearts to theirs in a place beyond words, to share moments of silence that mean so much more than speech could ever convey. We must bear in mind that sensitivities may be high, words won’t convey the whole picture, and people around us may be under the influence of unfamiliar feelings. But in a world where emotions are seen as a weakness, hard facts are elevated above intuition and we’re all supposed to mean what we say, Mercury in Cancer is an oasis in a desert of arid intellectualism. It quenches the thirst of the heart which dwells in more nebulous realms, beyond words, but rich in fodder for the soul.

Sarah Varcas

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