8th November – 4th/5th December 2015: Venus in Libra

by Sarah Varcas on 03/11/2015


Venus in Libra, conscious relationships, compassion, cultivating peace, unity consciousness
Image: “The Halls En Route” by Gary Rosenberg


Deep Love


Sarah Varcas

The importance of Venus’s journey through her own sign of Libra is signified by her conjunction with the North Node at her arrival. The Moon’s node will be leaving Libra, the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, in a few days time, so this brief alliance provides one final opportunity to absorb its message and reflect upon its wisdom. Meanwhile, Venus invites us to enjoy the fundamental beauty of connection which forever underpins the many challenges we face in relationships. We may well have encountered some of those challenges since February 2014, but Venus assures us no matter what, the essence of relationship is still enduring love and we cannot allow past pains to inhibit future connection. Indeed, she lives for connection, knowing deeply the redeeming power of intimacy with another. As she journeys through her own sign she encourages faith in humanity and a willingness to nurture peace by seeing the world through another’s eyes.

This Venus is gentle and can’t be doing with arguments, power games or ego battles. She just wants us all to get along, to drink in the sweet nectar of a peaceful life which allows for displays of kindness, appreciation and affection. Sometimes, she reminds us, we let things get too heavy because we can’t let go and move on. We may cling to a dispute in the hope that eventually we’ll get our own way or be proven right, when in fact to do so would be a hollow victory at the expense of our deeper humanity. Far better to let go and expand the mind and heart to embrace difference rather than harden around it, to find the common ground on which we all seek love and acceptance, no matter who or what we are.

At one level she sounds idealistic, naïve as to the forces unleashed in this world. But her innocence is born not of ignorance but of the deepest knowledge of the many faces of love and its power. She knows without doubt that a commitment to love no matter what is the most alchemical act possible; that far from being a naïve denial of the darkness that may lurk in all and any of us, it embraces even that, knowing no place is so dark that the illumination of an expanding heart cannot enlighten its shadows eventually.

Perhaps above all else, this Venus gives us time, for she knows that humans can be slow to change and quick to judge, slow to forgive and quick to condemn. She nods gently in assurance that it’s all okay, this strange dance of life, these comings and goings, meetings and partings. She can wait, quietly in the wings, nudging us here and encouraging us there into ever deeper love and away from the needy and manipulative connections that so often pass for it.

Venus in Libra touches the heart. Gentle as a butterfly and yet strong as an ox she reminds us that without each other we are lost to the beauty of connection and the alchemy of love. She bids us look under the surface of relationship to the unified heart beneath. There we discover firsthand the potential for compassion no matter what, for peace despite difference and acceptance even in the face of conflict. Her compassionate patience provides an example to us all of how it is that love makes the world go around and how distorted it becomes when reserved only for those who make the grade and pass the test. Venus in Libra urges us to a deeper, broader, wider love that honours the beauty of intimacy, the healing power of acceptance and the alchemy of many hearts beating as the unified One.

Sarah Varcas

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