8th July 2013: New Moon in Cancer 7:15 a.m. GMT

by Sarah on 05/07/2013


The Oak in the Acorn


Sarah Varcas

This New Moon in Cancer speaks of germination and new life. She encourages us to have faith in our potential alongside a deep resolve to ensure that potential is fulfilled. Just as an acorn contains the imprint of the tree it will become, so too do we contain our future selves in nascent form within us, waiting, slumbering, gestating, until the time is right to come forth into life and purpose.

In the darkness of this New Moon we are invited to dream our future selves into being. This is an intuitive Moon who has so much she wants to share and asks us to be ready to receive. She reminds us that no matter how often we may feel the necessary changes are too great for us to implement, in fact the change has already happened. We are already transformed, we just haven’t real-ised it yet. She wants us to stop striving now, to relax, be still and recognise the deep peace within, in which our potential has its being. There is nothing to add, she tells us, nothing to do and nowhere to go. At this moment, right now, we have everything we need to be who we are meant to be. We are already complete.

It can be hard to trust such a message at times when we feel vulnerable, fearful of the future, of the challenges ahead or of losing the securities we have now. It can be disheartening to want something so much and yet see no manageable path from here to there. Sometimes giving up seems like the only sensible approach: settling for the familiarity of a half-lived life rather than risking our current security to pursue the hope of a more fulfilling one. But this Moon exhorts us not to give up or give in, but to simply rest for a while in the knowing that who and what we truly are is already alive within us, waiting to be born.

At the time of this Moon, Mercury is heading back towards her and they meet a few hours later. Retrograde in Cancer, Mercury brings us information about the circumstances necessary for us to fulfil our potential. In order for the mighty oak to flourish certain conditions must be met: sunlight, rain, nourishing soil and space to grow. We are that tree and the woodland is our life, the things we do, the people in it. The ecosystem in which we grow is delicate, requiring close attention and loving care. In the coming few days we are encouraged to give it that care, to rebalance things that have fallen out of kilter, to address the dynamics between ourselves and others, to create more space or use the space we have with more awareness. The time is ripe for these changes now and they will come with ease if we undertake them with an open heart and a recognition that all we truly are is already within us, just awaiting the right time to break out of the acorn and grow.

The gentleness of this New Moon touches me deeply as I write these words. Her whispers are carried through the darkness to remind us that when we cease to strive growth becomes possible. All we have to do is watch and wait. Tend the ground, water the soil and know that life is unfolding exactly as it must – and we with it – into our own unique and radiant majesty: a mighty tree from a tiny seed, all in the fullness of time.

Happy New Moon everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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