8th August 2013: Mercury in Leo

by Sarah on 08/08/2013


The Art of Roar!


Sarah Varcas

Today Mercury enters Leo for a couple of weeks, so if we’ve something to say maybe now’s the time to say it…or not! In this fire sign Mercury – Messenger of the Gods – speaks with the roar of a lion, so if we’re struggling to find our voice Mercury is our ally now, giving us the backbone to speak our truth no matter what. If, however, we already have a voice, we run the risk of over-confidence, forgetting that others have one too and words different to ours are not less deserving of attention.

There’s a great need for voices to be heard now, but not the ones which usually take centre stage. We need to hear new messages, fresh perspectives, voices previously silenced or whispered only in darkened rooms out of earshot. As Mercury enters Leo it reminds us that every single person has a message and we must find the one which lives inside of us and bring it to the world, not as a solo performance to wow the masses but as our contribution to the great symphony of humanity which encompasses multifarious perspectives and endless experience and wisdom. We each have the roar of the lion inside us and now is the time to let it be heard.

Which, of course, requires patience, because if we all roar at once who’s going to be listening? And what of the softer voices which cannot make themselves heard above the cacophony? For whilst this is a time to speak it is also a time to listen. We must be the orator and the audience if this passage of Mercury is going to work for the highest good. It’ll take some skill because it’s all too easy to proclaim our own opinion without making space for that of others; all too easy to validate our own view and dismiss alternative ones.

The art of communication is in the spotlight now and we’re invited to a masterclass in facilitating self-expression: both our own and that of other people. The skills required are varied. It could be as simple as remembering to add ‘.. what do you think?’ when sharing our own opinions with others. Or it could be as complex as drawing someone out of themselves who has never had a voice (and that someone could be us). We may need to find a whole new way to say the same old message, or use familiar concepts to express a fresh perspective. Communication is a living and vibrant art and yet too often it becomes so routine we fail to give it the attention it deserves.

So in the coming fortnight we’re encouraged to do just that: pay attention to how we communicate and how we receive the communications of others. Use this opportunity to find our unique message and pass it on, at the same time ready to hear those unique messages of others all around us. And to remember that not all communication uses words. We may say more through our body or behaviour than we can ever articulate in speech, and effective communication requires awareness of everything we put out there and attention to all the signals received.

Just because we do it all day every day, communication is not something we can afford to ignore. We can always improve upon it, expand its possibilities, better its outcomes, and now is a time to concentrate on doing exactly that.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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