8th / 9th July 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Aries

by Sarah on 07/07/2015


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Image: “Contemplation” by Iraj Nouri


A ‘Me-Time’ Moon


Sarah Varcas

The quarter moon occurs at 8:25 p.m. GMT in the 17th degree of Aries. A waning quarter moon sits between the brightness of a full moon and the darkness of a new one. At this point we are in half shadow, the twilight zone. The recent Capricorn Full Moon encouraged down to earth assessment of potential. This quarter moon assists completion of that assessment in preparation for the new moon mid month which signals the very early stages of a shift away from ungrounded inspiration towards practical application of what we have learned and consequent effective action come August.

We may find ourselves pulled this way and that by this moon. Demands come at us from all angles and our head could be spinning if we don’t pull back a bit and make time to formulate considered responses rather than knee-jerk reactions. In many ways this is a selfish moon, demanding her own way and suggesting that we do the same. This will come more easily to some than others. If our default setting is to accommodate others, the exhortation of this Moon to meet our own needs for a while may come as quite a challenge, especially if it entails saying no to those who are used to us saying yes all the time! Or we may have to speak our truth to someone in a position of influence in our life, be it at work or home. Doing so could feel risky, but if we speak out simple facts without emotional force, the outcome may well move things forward in ways we didn’t anticipate. If, however, we miss the opportunity of this quarter moon to do so, it would be best to wait until Mercury enters Leo on 23rd July for pragmatic discussions and negotiations to take place.

Whilst the current shift of energy inward is reflective, it is also forthright. Although quiet contemplation is well aspected now, the imperative to turn inwards is preceded by a need to clear the decks first and extricate ourselves from situations that are draining our energy, making this a Moon of first action then repose; activity, then a return to inner silence. If we turn within prematurely our reflection will be interrupted by unfinished tasks and unmet demands from outside. If we deal with them first we can listen closely to our own heart for a while without distraction, receiving information and insight for the coming days.

The needs of loved ones are countered by demands from the outside world at this time. We may feel crucified by the pressure applied from opposite and seemingly irreconcilable directions. If we valiantly try to juggle these demands and not let anyone down we will most likely fail. If, however, we recognise that the common denominator in all of this is ourselves, our stress will ease commensurate to the extent we can let go of the need to please others and embrace the right to please ourselves for a while.

None of this need be done aggressively. There’s no need to reject or repel those whose demands infiltrate our personal space. Nor must we explode in anger to get them to back off. Clear, concise communication is all that’s necessary: ‘I can’t do this right now’, ‘I need more time’, I can’t prioritise this’, ‘On this occasion I simply have to say no’. Whilst it may not be what they want to hear, this moon asks that we do ourselves the favour of making space for us so we are better able to meet the needs of others in due course.

No one can forever give out energy and attention without replenishment in a quiet personal space. In fact it doesn’t even have to be a quiet space, just somewhere we can return to ourselves. If that’s a nightclub or sports game it’s just as valid as a meditation hall or a mountainside. The key thing is that we do what it takes to replenish our energy. This moon is about putting ourselves first, so when the new moon arrives in a week’s time our energy is refreshed and our schedule a bit clearer to help us prioritise what truly matters. It’s not forever, this withdrawal. We’ll soon be back out there doing what we do and giving of ourselves as we must, but this hiatus is valuable. To let it pass us by without heeding its message may see us drained of energy when we need it most, lacking the reserves to fulfil responsibilities when necessary.

Step back, say no, trust other people to meet their own needs so we can meet ours. This is all good advice from this moon. Once we’ve done all that, we can reengage and act from a clear and energised space, not a cluttered and pressurised one. This is a de-stress Moon, requiring concise communication and swift action to clear the decks, followed by some much needed ‘me time’. So take some time out and make it enjoyable! Doing so will potentise efforts in the coming weeks as a new phase of creative activity begins.

Sarah Varcas

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