7th May: Messages from Venus

by Sarah on 07/05/2013


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Awakened Relationships


Sarah Varcas

Today the heavens continue their encouragement to check out those areas of complacency in our lives, where we may have a false sense of security because we’re over-looking something (check out my update for 6th May for more info on that!). Along with this they encourage us to take responsibility for our own pleasure and recognise that true freedom lies in the ability to nourish oneself even when all else fails to do so. Because when we can do that we can truly be our authentic selves, wholly alive and without the need to adapt and censor who we are to keep other people on side.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, and if we desire the right of authenticity for ourselves we must also offer it to others, which can be even harder! It’s one thing saying ‘Well, this is who I am and whilst I mean you no harm, I cannot be otherwise to avoid hurting you’. It’s quite another, being on the receiving end of such a sentiment, especially when it comes from someone to whom we have a deep connection or attachment. At a time such as now, when so many people are undergoing profound processes of change, it can be easy to forget the other point of view, the people who must live with not only their own changes but also this increasingly unrecognisable person who was once their anchor and rock. The complexities of human relationships don’t get much more complex than this!

Which is why compassion is so vital now, for ourselves and for each other. Yes, it is important that we each strive for greater and greater authenticity, but it is equally vital that we do so with an open heart and a willingness to look in the face the consequences of doing so. And if that face belongs to someone with whom we have shared a good portion of our life to date, then we must look there, unflinchingly, to recognise and honour the process that is taking place.

An important part of this honouring entails the acknowledgement this is not about being better than someone: more awake, more aware, more ‘spiritual’. It’s about being on different paths at different times and needing to acknowledge this fact. It’s about walking different karmic roads; about the mind-blowing diversity of soul lessons we human beings encounter. It’s about having different priorities and beliefs about life itself. None of this is ultimately better or worse, just different. And in order to embrace this difference and allow it to be – in ourselves, our lives and the people we share them with – we must also be able to nourish and nurture ourselves when necessary, self-contained and complete, knowing that in doing so we free not only ourselves but also other people, from a life-sentence of inauthenticity, fear and, oftentimes, plain old stagnation.

With love from a very sunny Wales!

Sarah Varcas


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