7th December 2013: Mars in Libra until July 2014

by Sarah on 05/12/2013


Cosmic Teamwork


Sarah Varcas

At 8:42 pm GMT on 7th December Mars enters Libra. Generally speaking Mars moves through signs fairly rapidly, spending roughly a few weeks in each, bringing his ‘get up and go’ energy to their particular domain. This time, because of a retrograde phase between 1st March and 20th May, he remains in this particular sign for over seven months. Mars is not hugely at home in Libra, the opposite sign to his personal domain of Aries. This whole balance thing just winds him up and frustrates him, to be frank. He wants to get on with stuff, can’t abide compromise and doesn’t really see the point in keeping everyone happy when he could be getting his own needs met! Which is tough, because Libra it is and he’s going to have to get on with getting along and compromise, whether he likes it or not!

And of course, by ‘he’ I mean ‘we’, because where Mars goes we follow along with our passions and desires, forging ahead with our plans and energising our future in the present moment. So it would be easy to look at Mars in Libra for the first half of 2014 as some kind of dampener on progress, a bit of a damp squib taking the heat out of our commitment to change. But there’s a whole other side to this story which we need to take into account. Because when Mars is in Libra we get the opportunity to take people along with us who may otherwise have been left by the wayside as we dashed past with our map and ‘to do’ list. In the sign that toys with balance like no other, Mars teaches the beauty of forging ahead for the good of all, not just out of personal interest. He speaks of the need for compromise not as something that weakens and diminishes, but as something that strengthens and energises our potential, as everybody gets on board in their own special way and shares something of themselves which enhances the whole.

On a personal level Mars in Libra can bring frustrations for sure. Expressing anger constructively and being assertive can be tough. One minute pursuing peace, the next disrupting it, this fiery planet in the sign of the scales can leave everyone around scratching their heads and wondering what just happened, so yes, we may well find a few of those scenarios popping up in the coming months. But collectively Mars brings us a priceless gift, because without the wisdom he shares on his journey through Libra we would not be able to accommodate difference in a way that enables dialogue; or temper our own enthusiasm to push ahead no matter what, with the need to wait up so we can eventually take others along with us into a brighter and more positive future.

So in the coming months we may well be asked to hold up on occasion, and wait for a better and more auspicious moment for our forge ahead. And whilst our initial response may be one of frustration, we can rest assured that divine timing knows best and if we’re being made to wait it’s for an exceptionally good reason: one which contributes positively to our collective future in ways that our own personal timing may not have done.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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