7th August 2013: Between the New and Blue Moons…

by Sarah on 07/08/2013


Recite or Reframe?


Sarah Varcas

As we rest in the dark of the Moon today we have an opportunity to decide on our approach to the next two weeks leading up to the Blue Moon in Aquarius on 20th/21st. As I mentioned back in July when Uranus turned retrograde, the coming Blue Moon is an opportunity for the deep release of things which fail to serve our highest good. But in order for the release to be as deep and thorough as it must be, these things must be brought into the light of consciousness first because we need to uproot them with awareness, bringing our full authentic presence to them as we let them go. It’s not enough to decide to be different if the same old hooks still anchor us down. To be renewed we must be free of the past and open to a fresher and more vibrant future.

The New Moon offered us the opportunity to see old issues through fresh eyes and helped to reframe some familiar stumbling blocks. Now we must do the work of embracing that fresh perspective and living it, consciously returning to it when we feel our energy dropping and new perspectives fading in favour of older and more jaded ones. Force of habit is a major driver in the human psyche and none more so than the habits of perception that we indulge every day as we look out upon the world from our own well-worn perspective. We must be prepared in the coming fortnight, to engage the self-discipline necessary to make the new perceptions our default setting in lieu of the old.

But this kind of self-discipline is often lacking just when we need it most! As much as we may bemoan our circumstances, we are often hard pushed to see them differently or tackle them from a fresh angle. Reciting our woes rather than reframing them is a risk we all face at the moment and we need to help ourselves and each other to avoid doing so, because the opportunity we have now to uproot them is powerful and it would be a travesty to miss out on it in favour of the dubious pleasures of familiar self-pity. Whatever our circumstances and however they arose it is we who are living our lives, no one else, and as such it is we who can most readily impact them, initially through changing our thoughts about them and our appreciation of the possibilities available to us.

So today the cosmos asks us to take stock and decide what we need to see differently. And in making this decision we must then commit to following through on it. Because in doing so we can begin to uproot the negative patterns of thought and behaviour which keep us forever stuck in patterns that serve only to frustrate and limit us. And as the Blue Moon approaches we can prepare to release, once and for all, the old ways in order to embrace the new which promise us greater hope, more fulfilment and deeper wisdom in the long run.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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