7th – 8th September 2013: A Grand Square with an interesting challenge..

by Sarah on 07/09/2013


Patience and the Bigger Picture


Sarah Varcas

This weekend the heavens speak of patience whilst warning that it may be in short supply. There exists a headstrong and impulsive feel with a passing Cardinal Grand Square on Saturday (from 8 a.m. GMT to just after midnight) which may cause us to act well before thinking, undertaking things on a whim which we would do better to leave well alone. We see here the potential for conflict and behaviour driven by an inner compulsion to act rather than a reasoned and considered strategy. Actions carried out under these influences may well create more problems than they solve so holding off for a day or so would be a wise approach! We have been warned!

Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything at all during these influences. It’s fine to act on well considered plans as long as the motivation is not one of anger or a desire to get one’s own back or make a point that merely serves to boost our ego. It is impulsive acts motivated by strong emotion or impatience which are best avoided now. Those built on a foundation of wisdom, respect for divine timing and an acceptance of the bigger picture are blessed by the heavens today, not least because along with the Grand Square a longer term Mystic Rectangle continues to grace the skies above us.

Formed by Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron and the Sun, this latter configuration offers us the opportunity to see the bigger picture and put that seeing to good use this weekend. We have a chance here to rise above all levels of pettiness to truly experience The Whole of which we are mere tiny parts. In doing so, many aspects of our lives can begin to reshape themselves, reflecting their actual relevance as opposed to the importance we’ve given them previously. Gradually that huge problem which has occupied our every waking moment no longer seems so desperate, or that issue we have with someone else begins to lose its heat. As our perspective expands so does our capacity to bear with the situations and people in our lives which have previously caused stress and frustration. But if we fail to rise above the smog of everyday life we run the risk of getting caught in the net of the Grand Square, with all its aggression and frustration, impulsiveness and arrogance…

Come Sunday things begin to settle a bit, if we’ve not given in to our over-assertive impulses that is! If we have, it may be a day on which we reflect with some remorse on the decisions of the previous 24 hours, recognising that in our haste and the heat of passion we misjudged what was called for or under-estimated the response it would receive. If this proves to be the case the best we can do is learn from it and remember, for future occasions, that no matter how right and justified something may feel in the heat of the moment, allowing the heat to cool for a while is rarely a bad thing. We can still act from coolness if we need to, but our actions are likely to be more focused and meaningful than anything the whirlwind of ego and emotion can produce.

But assuming we’ve kept ourselves in check on Saturday and allowed the day to pass without any major dramatics, Sunday affords an opportunity to reflect upon where true power lies: not in the strength of our might and our ability to force our opinion or feelings upon others, but in our willingness to stop & reflect, to see the bigger picture; in knowing just how much of our consciousness is under the influence of an ego desperate to make its mark and how much acts in communion with the Divine, contributing to the collective consciousness of this planet in a positive and constructive way.

So it’s an interesting weekend this one, with much to offer up in the way of insight and much to lose at the hands of an impulsive ego with no time to wait. And, of course, it’s basically up to us how it all works out in the end…!

Here’s to a good weekend for everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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