6th September 2013: Post New Moon Reflections

by Sarah on 06/09/2013


Releasing Resistance & Resisting Release


Sarah Varcas

In the echoes of the New Moon the heavens encourage us to release any ambivalence we’ve been harbouring and embrace the possibility of change rather than finding reasons to avoid it. It’s a common belief that we have to act to bring about change, but there are occasions when the only thing that needs to change is our reluctance to do so. Once we open our hearts and minds to the possibility of change occurring and, more importantly, our surviving it (!), change is already in motion without our having done anything other than releasing resistance.

It sounds so simple and yet can be the most challenging thing to do. Years of fearing change, of being fed the story that security is more important than authenticity, that freedom is worth sacrificing for certainty – even if the certainty is that life will continue on the same old unappealing, uninspiring track from one day to the next – have left us both individually and collectively bereft of the strategies necessary to cope with significant change. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to face it of course, because we do, but how we manage it frequently leaves a lot to be desired! As does how we manage life when the changes we want don’t occur and we are instead subject to a life that we judge as less than it should be.

All in all, change is a thorny issue for human beings. We seek control over it. We want to be able to bring it about at will and stop it at will too. Inside many of us is the often unspoken assumption that life should change only in the ways we want it to and then only when we want. If we want change, our very wanting should make it happen and if we don’t, our not-wanting should be enough to halt it in its tracks.

But change does not occur at our whim. We are subject to it, not the other way around. It is part of life and growth, of nature and the cosmic movement of the heavens which intertwine with our very consciousness on a daily basis. Everything changes. Life itself can be lost in the blink of an eye. This is the only thing we can rely on and yet still we struggle to control life believing that we know best.

Today the heavens ask us to consider what we actually think we’re doing! They ask that we see things from their perspective, gazing upon us from space, seeing only tiny pin-pricks of consciousness desperately trying to shape the vast world to our requirements. Our own lives can seem so huge, its issues so pressing, that we readily feel like the centre of the universe around which all else revolves. And yes, at the level of personality we are the centre of our lives and it does all revolve around us! But we’re entering the Aquarian Age now and we need to step out of that mind-set to embrace the largess of our existence, not its petty perceptions and personal perspective. We are but cells which, together, form the vast consciousness which is this planet and all that live upon her. And as with every other cellular organism, we each need to be in the right place doing the right thing, not trying to constrict the flow of energy for our own personal gain.

So if we have been holding back from embracing change or trying to force it where it’s not yet ready to occur, the cosmos assures us today that we’re not the ones in charge so we can let go our grip and just be open to allowing life to do what it must, knowing that the more we can embrace this natural flow the less we will have to fear, whether or not it is time for change to come upon us.

Have a peaceful day everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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