6th June: A Game of Cosmic Pinball

by Sarah on 06/06/2013


Creative Thought


Sarah Varcas

We may find ourselves itching to get on with things today, but if asked what those things are we could have trouble identifying them! This is a sure sign that it’s not quite time to act yet, no matter how urgent our feelings may be. The cosmos is zinging with energy at the moment. Looking at the charts for today a pin-ball machine comes to mind, with that silver ball whizzing around triggering lights and sounds galore, but it’s all a bit random and not entirely conducive to getting the job done!

Not to worry. Despite any voices inside that may be urging us to ‘do something before it’s too late!’, we can actually take our foot off the accelerator today and just allow our thoughts and feelings to settle for a bit. We’re approaching the New Moon on 8th and this is a good time to take such advice and hold back, because energies will be far more conducive to taking successful action once the Moon is waxing again.

In the meantime we have an opportunity to listen to our mind without letting it dictate to us. This can be a rare occurrence! So often we just listen unquestioningly to our thoughts and then act upon them. Our mind says ‘Jump!’ and we do it. For the next couple of days our mind may well be shouting the odds, but we can just stand back, listen, in a slightly detached, perhaps rather amused way, and take note of some of the ridiculous things it comes out with from time to time!

We all have this on-going running commentary in our heads, interpreting the events of life, the behaviour of other people, the unfolding of our day, trying to make sense of it all by assigning meaning and significance to things. But just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s right, or that we have to accept its views without question. We could decide to test out the opposite to everything it tells us for a day: ‘He’s being deliberately awkward’ could become ‘I’m being deliberately awkward’, or ‘He’s actually trying to be helpful’. ‘I’ll never get this business off the ground no matter how hard I try’ could become ‘All this time and work I’ve put into my business is really going to pay off’. The more we can recognise that it’s actually up to us what we think, the more creative we can become with our thought processes. This mind is not our master, it’s a tool that we must learn how to use with skill and care because, like many tools, it’s great when used for the right job, but it can make a total hash of something when used in the wrong way.

So today we can play around with our mind a bit. Make light of its dramas and reinterpret its take on life. See where that leads us and what it reveals about the nature of our thoughts. Then once the New Moon has been and gone we’ll have a bit more skill to bring to bear upon this powerfully creative but potentially destructive tool we have at our disposal.

Here’s to creative thinking!

Sarah Varcas

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