6th December 2014: Full Moon in Gemini

by Sarah Varcas on 03/12/2014


 Full Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces, managing the mind, present moment awareness, creativity


A Mind Free, Not Fettered


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full in the 15th degree of Gemini at 12:28 pm GMT. Like Mars in Aquarius it illuminates the importance and power of a well managed mind. We cannot afford to slack off now. Mind has ruled the roost too long and it’s time to embrace another way where it contributes positively whilst standing back when its input is not required. This Moon reminds us that not every thought is true, nor are they even meaningful much of the time (pay attention to the contents of your mind next time you’re driving or washing the dishes and see what’s really going on!). We need to recognise this fact above all else to manage our mental faculties with increased acumen and sharper integrity.

As with all Full Moons there is a paradox to be honoured here. Whilst we often seek wisdom in the form of understanding amenable to logical articulation, sometimes we can only reach that understanding by allowing the mind to skim the surface of life tasting a little here, a little there and then moving on. It may sound like a distracted state, a loss of concentration or focus, but in fact it is simply mental playtime ‘outside the box’, when otherwise unlikely connections can be made. There is an important differentiation to be made here: when we’re washing the dishes and letting our mind wander along its familiar paths it is not flying free but entrapped in old habits and trains of thought, replaying the same old scenarios, memories, inner- arguments over and over. That is far from freedom! The mind of this Moon is allowed to fly free and think the unthinkable, imagine the unimaginable and then see what happens. This is a mind allowed to express itself with no holds barred so we can see what’s really going on in there and begin to truly understand the driving force behind so much of our lives.

Mercury opposes this Moon reminding us that mind will forever expand if we let it. Our thoughts can fill an empty room in the blink of an eye. We may struggle to escape them, finding them forever closer to us than our very breath. Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety will know the desperate gnaw of a mind in overdrive and the impossibility of ever escaping its domain. Allowing our mind to run free for a while is not about letting it expand but letting it relax out of its habitual constrictions into a new shape entirely, one that is softer and more pliable, more open to change, to innovation and possibility. One which no longer repeats the same old mantras of fear, worry, anger, grief, but replaces them with the fresh air of hope, calm and positive potential.

Which brings us to Chiron who is also instrumental at the time of this Moon. When we soften the boundaries of our mind and allow it to think a new thought, see a different future, healing begins to occur. We are returning to wholeness, to a state of balance in which the mind can fulfil its creative potential rather than act as our internal jailer. We may at first find new thoughts uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons. They may threaten our security or our sense of self; they may reveal us to be someone other than who we thought we were. But ultimately, if we can let the mind run free and speak to us from beyond the cages of habit, we will see an aspect of ourselves that we’ve not seen before and if authentic it will ring true no matter what our habitual mind may think about it!

This is an unusual Moon with a paradoxical message: don’t let the mind rule. Keep it in check then let it run free. It may take some nudging to get outside of those familiar ruts it’s forged in the old ‘grey matter’, but once free the sky’s the limit and we are promised some enlightening moments! So it’s time to get creative, think in a new way, let the mind speak what it needs to say and pay attention to those mental habits that keep us from uncovering our sparkling mind in favour of the dowdy and controlling one we know so very well.

Sarah Varcas

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