6th August 2013: New Moon in Leo 9:52 p.m. GMT

by Sarah on 05/08/2013


Blinkers Off!


Sarah Varcas

Today’s New Moon encourages us to joyful expression and a releasing of burdens. Here we have an opportunity to take life a little less seriously and find a more playful approach to some of the things that try us. The saying ‘If I don’t laugh I’ll cry’ comes to mind, as does the fine line between tears of laughter and those of sorrow, for it is certainly true that in some of the darkest times of our lives we can suddenly be blessed with a moment’s relief which enables a ray of light to penetrate the darkness if we let it.

This New Moon is just such a time. Yes, it is the dark of the moon, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dark in its effect. This New Moon is one of uplift and enjoyment, a brief holiday for the spirit weary of struggle or the psyche tired of inner and outer conflict. Here we can experience the lightness which exists on the other side of our fear, heartache or frustration. This New Moon removes our blinkers to help us see the truth of a situation which has burdened us up to now. And as we see it without blinkers we can begin to recognise its relative insignificance in light of the vast terrain we can now perceive around us. Those blinkers kept us focused, yes, but on the wrong thing. Now we have a chance to rethink that focus and shift it to a more wide-angled view.

This Moon is not one to remove the obstacle, but to reframe it. What looked like a wall too high to climb becomes a hurdle we can get over with a bit of training. The deep water we knew we could never swim across becomes a manageable lake with a handy stop-off rock in the middle where we can rest for a while en route. The quicksand of our fears may even become a sandy beach and we can build castles as we go. Perception is everything, and at the dark of this Moon we can release our current perceptions ready to receive a new perspective on old and familiar things which have felt stuck or stagnant for way too long.

But we must choose to allow in these new perceptions. They won’t just suddenly appear. We must be willing to see differently in order to do just that. A dogged determination to forever perceive a problem as insurmountable will necessarily create an insurmountable problem. As will the tendency to be a victim rather than a creator. The revelations of this New Moon can be life changing if we let them, revealing to us just how the most stagnant situation can become a source of creativity if we let it, and in letting it we will be inviting the universe itself to join us in the creation of brighter prospects and happier days as the Moon increases in light once more.

Happy New Moon everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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