5th May: Sun Opposition North Node

by Sarah on 05/05/2013


Time for a SWOT Analysis!


Sarah Varcas

With the Sun opposing the North Node at the moment, we may find ourselves seduced back into old behaviour patterns and habits without even realising it. At times like this the security of familiarity and predictability can be extremely persuasive, and all those grand plans we had of change and a new beginning suddenly begin to look and feel very daunting indeed.

But not to worry! The solar eclipse on the 9th/10th May will give us the opportunity to extract ourselves from the past if we truly want to move forward. If we don’t, of course, that’s our choice too, but the coming few days are a good time to decide, once and for all, how we want our lives to look in one month, one year, two years, ten years time. Because the choices we make now will echo through time and reverberate through our future lives and selves with enormous power.

It’s not all bad, this Sun/North Node opposition, because it also puts us in touch with our root strength, with those things we can do without thinking: the gifts and abilities we incarnated with intact and whole. Whilst some of these could manifest as bad habits we’ve never thought to question, others manifest as those unique bits of ourselves that make us the survivors and thrivers we are. What we now need to do is work out the very best way to put them to use in the creation of our future. And to do that we need to be aware of and value them, not overlook them because they’re so close to us we can’t see the wood for the trees.

So perhaps what we need to do now is a personal ‘skills audit’ or a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), because in doing so we can identify what we need to cherish, what we need to nurture, what we need to release and what we need to avoid. Doing this in the coming few days will be time well spent, because come the eclipse we will have far greater clarity about our path, our promise and our potential.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sarah Varcas

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