5th June: Moon in Taurus

by Sarah on 05/06/2013


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The Offer of a Steadying Hand


Sarah Varcas


Today’s Taurus Moon helps us further ground the new energies that have been flooding in since the end of May. This is particularly good timing due to the current potential for distraction. That said, if you can afford to be distracted today then go with it, because you may just find yourself stumbling upon something rather interesting that you would not otherwise have known was there!

There have been a lot of shifts occurring in the past few days, some subtle, some less so. People who were previously fired up with enthusiasm have found themselves suddenly devoid of inspiration and wondering where it is they’re supposed to be headed. Others who have been struggling through what has felt like a swamp for way too long have found themselves reaching dry land and experiencing a sense of hope and possibility for the first time in quite a while, and others are merely wondering what on earth just happened?!

Wherever we find ourselves on this continuum of experience, today the Moon comes along to assist us in making a bit more sense of things and deciding what to do with this energy shift. Think of it like the arrival of a new weather system: we were previously tending the land according to one set of meteorological influences and now a whole other one is here. We need to adjust our watering plans, the protection we provide to our crops, even the type of things we’re cultivating. We can’t change the weather back to how it was (and we may well not want to anyway), but we can adjust our approach to the tasks at hand in order to work with it in as productive a way as possible.

And there is plenty we can do with the prevailing energetic influences in the coming weeks, no matter how we may be feeling right now. Once our period of adjustment is over, we will find ourselves surrounded by deeply creative forces seeking to express themselves through us. We may find our intuition heightened, our visions of future possibilities much clearer, our connection with other people and our environment more vibrant. These are cleansing energies which seek to remove the dross that dulls our shine so that we can truly begin to reveal the light that exists within each one of us.

So today the Moon holds out a steadying hand and invites us to start exploring what we can do with this cosmic gift, to consider where in our lives we need a more creative approach, a fresh influx of energy, a deeper intuitive sense of how to move forward. She reminds us that we have what it takes to live our lives in a vibrant way, to experience the delight of adventure, the security of faith and the gift of connection with a greater and more radiant whole. And she reassures us that however we may be feeling right now, it can and will change as we invite in these cleansing energies and allow them to do what they must to prepare us for the path ahead.

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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