5th July 2013: New Moon Approaching

by Sarah on 05/07/2013


Trusting the Cosmic Safety Net


Sarah Varcas

As we approach the coming New Moon in a couple of days, we run the risk of over-stretching ourselves in an attempt to make things happen and manipulate life into being what we want, not what it needs to be. It’s easily done: impatience, dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear can readily get their grip, causing us to feel time is running out, it’s now or never. Something has to change and it needs to have done so by yesterday!

But please, don’t panic! Everything is where it’s meant to be right now, truly. And yes, today we may have trouble accepting that fact with good grace, but that doesn’t change the fact, only our attitude towards it! There are apparently opposing forces around us now. One telling us to fight with all we’ve got to create the life we want and another telling us to let go and allow life to do what it must in order to deliver what we need. But what looks like contradiction is actually a paradox: that for life to fulfil us as we wish we must accept it as it is right now, apparent imperfections and all. And for life to fulfil us as it is right now we must play our part in creating the life we wish for.

It can be tempting to think that acceptance of the present reality equals resignation. That if we allow ourselves contentment in this moment with all its flaws and foibles we’ll have nothing to fuel our striving for a better life. Conversely we can become so caught up in our fight for a better tomorrow that today becomes nothing but a battleground. Right now the cosmos alerts us to these polarities and asks us to find the balance point in which we can be contented now even as we act in the present to influence the future. There’s a fine line between acceptance and resignation, just as there is between focussed action and impatience. We are like tight-rope walkers teetering on these lines, swaying a little this way and that, holding our breath, looking straight ahead whilst fully present in the here-and-now.

It’s quite a feat, but thankfully we have a safety net and if we find ourselves losing our grip, tumbling one side or another of the line we walk, the coming New Moon will catch us in her loving arms and gently help us back up again. But not before reminding us that we are so loved, so much a part of the universe, so essential to the integrity of the whole, that we will never be allowed to slip and fall beyond her grasp. A safety net is always there, and although it can be a long way down and equally far to get back up, the landing will be a soft one and our return to the tight-rope met with applause as the cosmos hails yet another display of faith, resilience and resolve on the path to wholeness and healing.

Wishing everyone a balanced and peaceful day.

Sarah Varcas

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