5th – 9th April 2015: Mercury Trined by Jupiter and Squared by Pluto

by Sarah on 01/04/2015


Having the Sacred on Speed Dial


Sarah Varcas

As Ceres in Aquarius wants each person accepted as they are, Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto ask how we balance acceptance with the defence of truths denied. Such paradoxes lay at the heart of the human condition and there are no easy answers, no black and white solutions which solve the world’s problems (or even our own!). Life is a process of living the contradictions we encounter everywhere, within and without. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to being human. We must each find our own path, walked in our own unique way.

These are timely contemplations. Between now and the end of 2017 (when Saturn leaves Sagittarius) we have, both personally and collectively, a significant opportunity to reveal truths for all to see. How we do this as individuals will vary but we must each honour the authentic life within, expressing it ever more deeply. Jupiter and Mercury speak of personal truth, subjective perspectives which shape our consciousness, colour our world and order our life. They may be about ourselves or others, formed from our own experience or acquired from other people past and present. Whatever they are we need to bring them to awareness and evaluate just how well they serve us. Do they honour our Real Self or bolster the false one, enable greater awareness or fog the view? These beliefs can be so ingrained we may be barely aware of their presence and yet they mould the clay of our lives, influenced by opinion accepted as fact and broad-brush assumptions born of narrow circumstance. There may indeed be truth in there, found amid lies so familiar they simply feel ‘right’, but the heavens remind us now that ‘right’ isn’t always true. Sometimes truth can be deeply uncomfortable and profoundly challenging. It steals away the ground beneath our feet and the very fabric of our world. But still it is truth none the less and the more of it we can embrace the better.

Pluto reminds us that behind the foreground of relative, personal truth exists the ever-present backdrop of the ultimate kind, the sacred field of being which is living, breathing, deepest truth. Here we encounter life directly, without concepts, ideas or beliefs in the way. Here to harm another is to harm ourselves, not in theory but in practice; to fight others for personal gain is to oppress one’s own spirit; to identify with the changing conditions of the human mind is to cut ourselves off from the abundance that is all around. When we reside in the field of deep truth so much of what motivates us becomes as dust: irrelevant and meaningless. We see beneath the surface of a life so full we barely have time to breathe, to the powerful presence from which that life is born. We come face to face with our true selves and discover their simplicity once the complications of discursive thought and emotional wounding fall away.

When resting into deepest truth we see with great clarity the inadequacy of relative truths and the emotional wounds which often cause them to be born. As those wounds are healed so our personal truths inch ever closer to the deepest kind, embodying more of their wisdom as a lived experienced, not spiritual theory that simply sounds good! We must each shape our personal truths to increasingly reflect the deepest ones and collectively minimise harm caused by the deification of the relative. Allowing each of us unique expression does not equate with condoning abuse in the name of self-expression. If being who we are entails denying others the fundamental respect we all deserve, deep truth has been so profoundly abandoned that an intervention may be necessary to re-establish its presence.

How such an intervention should look is a personal matter. Some consider battle a viable option, to others it is anathema. Some see non-action as the path to peace, others disobedience which obstructs the operation of a disenfranchising social machine. We must each decide for ourselves the action we take to defend sacred truths which remain unchanged. If we disengage from apparent injustice we must evaluate the extent to which doing so deepens our relationship with truth. If we engage in battle, eager to fight for a cause, we must consider the same thing, for not all motivations are as clear as first appears. There are no right answers, no ‘best way’, only our way, which we must discern as we ever deepen the relationship with our sacred self.

In the next two and three quarter years we will each be challenged to decide how far we go to honour ultimate truth, what doing so demands of us and why. Such discernment requires a profound commitment to truth above all else and a willingness to allow egoic demands and identifications to increasingly fall away as deep truth rises like a bubble to the surface. This truth comes with its own knowing, its own power. In its presence we know when to act and when to stay still; when to speak and what to say; who needs our help and when to back off. We do not need a theorised philosophical position to dictate our decisions for we have the sacred on speed dial. This frees us up to contradict ourselves if necessary, for truth is neither polite nor convenient, only ever authentic and real.

Yes, we all need the space to be who we are and live as we choose, but alongside this we shoulder the responsibility to honour the deepest truth possible and change our world. How we do this and why will be brought into ever increasing focus in the coming years and the heavens right now encourage deep contemplation of these issues to enable action, or otherwise, when the time is right.

Sarah Varcas

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