4th July 2013: Moon in Gemini

by Sarah on 04/07/2013


Keep Calm and Carry On Healing


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters the air sign Gemini for a couple of days, offering support to Mars who’s labouring there alone at the moment, trying to keep all the mental balls in the air! It’s quite a task he’s got, as the cosmos becomes saturated with the water element and everything works towards the fulfilment of the Grand Trine in Water the week after next. Nevertheless, with the Moon now in Gemini we have an opportunity to test out new ways of thinking about old problems, in order to fully embrace the possibilities for healing within the Grand Trine.

Despite this being the airiest of Moons, in the current cosmic conditions it still has a fairly watery feel. Connected to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, all in water signs, it seeks to communicate about the world of emotions without having to experience any of them. Needless to say this could be easier said than done! With Mars in Gemini, words themselves become powerful conductors of energy, and we may find just speaking of a particular feeling triggers it within us. Our best intentions to discuss something calmly and rationally may thus be somewhat challenged!

But never mind! This really doesn’t matter because the whole point of all this is to show us what needs to heal. That’s what this current heavenly configuration is all about: emotional healing, through and through, within and without. And we can’t heal if we don’t know where the pain is. So if merely trying to get words out brings us to tears, or unleashes feelings that we find difficult to contain, this is a sure sign that healing is on its way. Likewise if other people’s words are the trigger for our emotions the same thing applies. There’s little point in focusing on the words or the person who delivered them. This isn’t about them, it’s about us and our spirit showing us where we next need to go within, to let go and become whole.

Of course, at times like this when we’re all under the influence of such energies it can make for a tidal wave of emotion if we let it. Which is why a Gemini Moon for a couple of days is handy, despite its honorary watery-ness! At least it gives us the hope of some detachment and a chance to see things from a new angle. And in doing so we may just recognise that even those emotions that we can’t seem to contain aren’t so bad after all if we can just let them be there for a while, rather than trying to squeeze them out of our consciousness or push them back down into the depths of our heart where they can’t be seen.

All in all, we’re doing okay. No matter how weepy or angry or despairing we may be, we’re doing okay, because whatever emotions are coming up now do so because their time for healing is close and they don’t want to miss the boat this time around. So take heart, keep calm and carry on healing, because once we’ve done that bit the next stage is replete with blessings that come from letting go of the pain and embracing the possibilities that lie beyond it.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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