4th January: Cosmic Messages for 2014

by Sarah on 04/01/2014


Forever Protected


Sarah Varcas

The heavens today reflect issues of significance throughout the coming year: the presence of both challenge and peace, safety and risk, stagnation and movement – apparently contradictory forces present in the same moment, applying equal pressure upon the fabric of our lives.

Today a Grand Cross connecting some of the most formidable powers in the cosmos – Pluto, Mars, Uranus, the Black Sun and Black Moon Lilith – reminds us that karmic influences run strong and deep in our lives, and it is just such influences which will need to be addressed in the coming year. If we have been putting anything off in this respect, we will become less and less able to do so as the year progresses. This is not a message of doom from the cosmos, steering us towards a difficult fate, but a wake-up call reminding us that unfinished business doesn’t go away and as waves of purging energy flood this planet in the months to come, what lies hidden will be revealed and reawakened, not to torment us but to be owned, addressed and reconciled with who we are and where we are heading.

Astrology teaches us that nothing happens in someone’s life which is not, in some way, characteristic of that person. It’s impossible for life to be otherwise. We are energetic beings living in an energetic universe. We attract and repel according to our own personal vibration as expressed thorough our being at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Life as we experience it is a complex interplay of our energy with that of our environment, the people within it and the forces at work upon it. We often encounter these forces as things that ‘happen’ to us, by the hand of other people, the weather, the economy (!), and yet there exists within each of those occurrences our own vibrational contribution, distilled down through aeons of energetic accumulation into this person we are today.

Throughout this coming year the products of that energetic accumulation, in the form of our ego-identity – the aspects of ourselves and our lives in which we invest our energy – and our karmic bonds with other people and circumstances, will be brought to our attention like never before. If they are holding us back from fully committing to the growth of conscious awareness on this planet, we will have an opportunity to face them fully, own them and heal their fragmenting influence in our lives. For as long as we deny aspects of our being, pretending certain things aren’t there or didn’t happen, we are forever separated from the state of wholeness which enables us to be fully present to life just as it is, and response-able to its needs.

Of course, we avoid and deny things for a reason: they hurt so we don’t want to go there. They challenge who we believe ourselves to be. They face us with a scary unknown that we choose to avoid. But in the ‘eyes’ of the Divine, of the source of all that is, there are no reasons good enough to justify the fragmentation and unconsciousness which results from such choices. We have done unconsciousness on this planet for long enough and look where it’s gotten us! This is the time to wake up, own up and smell the cosmic coffee. It’s not enough to change in the bits of our lives where it suits us to do so. We must be prepared to change wherever and whenever we are called, and to change in ways so radical that at times our former lives may be nothing but vague memories once we’re through.

But in the midst of this planetary exhortation to do the unthinkable, Neptune trining the North Node delivers the most important message of all: who and what we truly are can never be harmed, never be diminished. Whilst going through the fire may hurt, it is not our spirit that burns, only those parts of us which obscure it. We are formed of energy, the same energy that is alive throughout the cosmos and beyond. It cannot be destroyed and neither can we, at the level of Source. We can only lose that which was never us anyway and each time we do, more of who we truly are is revealed. This is the path of the deepest alchemy, the greatest possible transformation. We are walking it in 2014, together. And as companions on the path of radical awakening we may need to remind each other that the Divine moves always to protect our spirit, not our ego. It seeks our return to oneness and moves to make it so. We may suffer and struggle in the process, but still who we truly are is safe and whole, and the deeper we can know this to be fact the greater the ease with which we can walk the path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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