4th – 8th October 2014 and beyond: Grand Trine in Fire and Pluto square Venus

by Sarah on 01/10/2014




Personal Becoming


Sarah Varcas

As we approach the lunar eclipse on 8th October we encounter a variety of paradoxical energies swirling around. Which we resonate most with will be a personal thing and we may well find that even people close to us are having very different experiences to us. This is an intensely personal time with each of us experiencing life according to our own frequency and energy patterns which is one of the many reasons why comparing ourselves with others is a really bad idea, especially now!

We currently have a Grand Trine in Fire blazing above us, formed by Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. It’s not as powerful as it could be, however, given the mounting energy in the heavens as we approach the eclipse, it’s definitely worth casting an eye to. If we resonate with this energy we may find ourselves ‘fired-up’ in all sorts of ways. It could be anger and outrage we feel, or inspiration and hope. We may feel invincible or irritable, totally committed to the path ahead or so hot we can’t stay in one place for more than a few seconds! Fire has many faces of course, some creative – we cook with it, harden clay with it – some much less so – we injure or destroy with it. What we do with this Grand Trine is really up to us and no matter how much we may feel at its mercy we are not and never could be. The fire out there merely alerts us to our own inner fire, which we need to harness right now for creative purposes. It may arise in us as anger, passion or an epiphany which leaves all else in the shade, but whatever form it takes it can serve to broaden our spiritual horizons and imbue the coming weeks with a burning heart for the divine.

Interestingly it is the Sun in Libra who reaches out to bring the fire of this Grand Trine into the fabric of our daily lives. In an opposition to Uranus it reminds us that we have to step out of our own self-referential world view if we are to truly connect with others, so whether we are inspired or close to expiring we mustn’t forget to connect in the real world with those physical people who live with us day in day out, be it at home, work or play. Disembodied ‘lost in the cosmos’ experience is unlikely to get us far at the moment. Whilst it’s great to wander off to other realms at times, right now we need to be here, on this planet, living in a grounded way as far as is possible. This planet needs us. The cosmos needs us and we are here as human earthy fleshly beings for a reason: to embody and earth cosmic energies, not be lifted away by them.

Come 7th October Pluto begins to square Venus until after the eclipse, reminding us that the most rewarding pleasures are often those we must hold out for rather than grab at will. This is as true of spiritual passions as physical. The slow burn of spiritual desire for the divine can be just as entrancing as that of physical desire for another person. We are each in a romance with something far greater than our tiny selves; something which reflects, in its enormity, our very spirit. As we seek the divine we seek our true self and only once we have come to know the divine as ourselves can we truly unite with it. In fact, we can only fully realise the divine once we recognise that no act of union is necessary, that the divine and us are one and the same. Union itself implies a separation which simply does not exist at the heart of all that is, where all is simply one. Contemplating these truths now may help us take the foot off the accelerator of material gain and achievement, allowing divine-timing to take charge in our life and make its home in our hearts.

Any lead up to an eclipse is a powerful time, as the cosmos gradually slips into place, piece by piece, for a natural demonstration of power and presence which can take our breath away. We will each experience its impact as only we can and it bears no comparison to another. So stand firm in your own experience, your own knowing and support others to stand firm in theirs. This is how the universe speaks to us, deeply, inside where no one else can see. This is how we receive the guidance only we can hear. There is much of it about at the moment. We might want to carry a notebook! And all of it is born of the divine as its energy is beamed throughout the cosmos to connect us all into the evolutionary grid of becoming.

Sarah Varcas

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