4th – 11th March 2015: Chiron Conjunct the Sun

by Sarah on 04/03/2015


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Healing the Orphans of Consciousness


Sarah Varcas

Occurring in Pisces, this alignment of Chiron and the Sun opens the heavenly gates of healing to flood the planet with cosmic grace, embracing wounds and fears, confusion and uncertainty, grief, despair, rage. Nothing can escape this healing force which reaches to our core moving hidden pain to the surface for release. It brings all things into wholeness, facilitates adjustments necessary for deeper change and enables the energetic release of all that has been lost, allowing it to follow its own nature. The healing offered now reveals as it resolves, for all that needs its compassionate embrace must be brought out of the shadows. When we have suppressed our feelings, avoided our emotions, denied our grief, anger or resentment in favour of a surface calm, those feelings must return to our consciousness before their release. There is no way out but through the field of conscious awareness and this current alignment supports us to experience this reawakening of feelings past in order for their healing to begin.

When we swallow down our fears, keep our mouth shut instead of speaking out, deny our pain or put up with circumstances which we know, deep down, to be wrong, we force our essence inward, squashed and diminished by our denial of what is, in favour of what we think ‘should’ be. It is akin to forcing a majestic lion into a cold, dark and cramped cage. It does nothing to tame it, but simply makes it increasingly ferocious until, when faced with the prospect of never breaking free, it finally gives up, its spirit broken. What once was an awesome force of nature becomes a mere shadow of its former self. As do we when we repeatedly deny the power of our feelings, the deep instinctive knowing that lurks and rumbles at our core or the devastation that issues forth from trauma and loss.

As Chiron and the Sun align in Pisces, the shadow orphans of our consciousness are coaxed out into the light. We may feel them reawakened as old feelings, returning memories, that strange sense of melancholy or even nostalgia, as our being reconnects with past times and events long gone. The space in which this reawakening occurs is neither past nor present but somewhere in between the two, as we re-experience our personal history through the mind and heart of who we have since become. In an ever expanding universe, this movement from within outwards is the direction of all healing and growth. We cannot heal what remains hidden in the depths and we cannot become whole from the outside in. That which is fractured must mend from at its core; emotions must be felt and expressed to pass through us and be healed; physical wounds must repair first at their deepest point before they can successfully heal on the surface. We may feel that healing retreats from us as this process gathers pace. Our mind may judge us as sliding backwards into past pain and old issues we considered long gone, but this is a false perception and not to be believed. Just as poison must be removed from a sting and toxins purged to allow recovery, so too must our psyche push outward and release those toxic emotions, thoughts and beliefs which block our path to wholeness.

To allow this energy to engulf us is an act of self love. It signals a commitment to both our own healing and that of the planet: what we do for ourselves we ultimately do for each other, and what we do for each other we do for Mother Earth herself. The heavens support our desire to heal, to embrace that which has been stifled into silence. They gently nudge and prod our psyche awake to the orphans of the heart who cower from the light, unaware that it simply seeks to reveal their beauty not their shame, their perfection not their failings. This gentle yet penetrating energy offers itself into our lives now, inviting us to open our hearts and minds to its soft embrace. There may be sadness and grief, despair and tears, there may be rage, frustration or resentment, but whatever is illuminated by its grace, we must remember it is only ourselves we find, fragmented by years of denial and stifled emotion. These orphans are us – you and me – the parts of ourselves we could not bear to claim, to own, to accept. They have waited in the darkness all this time, knowing that eventually we would come to bring them home; to return them to the heart which holds a place to all things and offers them rest.

The time of return is now. The heavens leave no doubt. They welcome the past into the present and give us fresh eyes through which to see. Healing is possible and available. We must be willing participants, open to the outward flow of thought and feeling, memory and sensation, from darkness into the light of awareness. Then out into the cosmos, energy resolved and released, returning to Source from which it first came and healing us as it goes.

Sarah Varcas

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