3rd to 29th May 2014: Venus in Aries

by Sarah on 04/05/2014


Personal Desires and Universal Destiny


Sarah Varcas


Venus is now in Aries until 28th/29th May (depending where you are on the globe!), providing us some welcome fire in a picture currently dominated by earth and water. Her entry into the first sign of the zodiac gives us a bit of a boost if we need assistance with new beginnings. Venus is traditionally deemed to be in her detriment in Aries, but right now we should welcome her there with open arms (in my humble opinion!) for it is here that the goddess of love tells us to get comfortable with reaching out for what we desire and making it our own. And given all the recent shifts in orientation that many people have undergone, her encouragement comes as something of a blessing!

But like I said, she’s not here for long so we need to get sorted and decide what must be done to embrace the ‘new normal’ we’re beginning to experience as a result of recent commitments made to change. When she entered Aries she formed a significant angle to the Moon’s North Node, signifying her current relevance to the birth of our future selves. In Libra the North Node speaks to us of beauty and peacefulness on the one hand, and conflict and strife on the other. We must know both to know where the balance point lies, and Venus, ruler of Libra, now arrives in Aries to reveal how we can go about fulfilling our own desires whilst honouring those of the universe which are far greater than we can ever possibly conceive.

It’s a fine line we walk when it comes to pursuing our dreams and desires. How far do we push and how far do we let go and let life do its thing?! Learning how to walk this line is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and each other, for in doing so we develop the capacity to both celebrate success and embrace failure, learn from mistakes and capitalise on the things we do well. Whilst at one level it’s true there’s no such thing as failure only lessons learned, the experience of failure is a very real and powerful one at the time and it can knock us back if we let it. Likewise the experience of success can cause us to become reckless as to the next step we take if we fail to recognise that every success occurs on the knife edge that is life itself and there are no guarantees.

This month the North Node and Venus remind us that we are both sovereign beings in charge of our own destiny and tiny parts of an infinite whole which is living out its own destiny through and within us. The inherent paradox of this situation, in which our personal desires and those of our very life force can at times be at odds, is one which we must enter deeply if we wish to know the truth of what must manifest in our lives. It’s not enough to pursue a personal desire without consideration of the greater whole, no matter what that desire is. We must, in effect, take our desire to life itself, offer it up and be prepared to have it torn away from us never to be fulfilled, before we pursue it to its logical ends. For in doing so we are telling the universe that whilst we want it with all our heart, if our heart is in fact just too small at present to embrace what the universe desires for us, what we really desire is an expanded heart, not a satisfying but ultimately petty outcome.

Venus in Aries brings a comfortable familiarity with courage and self-determination. If we can embody that courage in such a way that our self-determination is aligned with that of the universe our desires are already fulfilled. So we currently encounter a time in which preparedness to forsake our desires will be met with fulfilment no matter what. We will either get the go-ahead to pursue them wholeheartedly or we will get the go ahead to expand our heart into greater wholeness, ready to receive what will truly fulfil our being when the time is right. Either way everyone’s a winner! Which pretty much sums up the message of Venus in Aries at the moment – You can’t go wrong if what you want is to fulfil universal destiny. And if what you want is smaller than that you’ll soon find out and get a chance to re-navigate your course accordingly!

Sarah Varcas


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