3rd September 2013: Celestial Focus

by Sarah on 03/09/2013


Nothing to Lose


Sarah Varcas

Yesterday we were considering the issue of inner and outer alignment. Today the heavens offer further reflections thanks to the Moon, Mercury and Venus.  ‘Don’t look too wide’, they say. ‘Stay focused on what really matters and be prepared to let more peripheral things go if necessary’. This is useful advice at a time when there’s so much potential in the air. It could be easy to over-stretch ourselves and end up burnt out in the pursuit of too much when what’s really called for is a more concentrated effort in one direction. With the New Moon in Virgo approaching in a couple of days, distilling our focus down to the salient aspects of our lives and experience will pay dividends now. We need to get our hands dirty with detail, not of everything, but of the few things that really matter, whilst allowing the rest to drift away from us unfettered.

It can be tough to hone things down in this way. What if we end up focusing in the wrong direction? What if the thing we release turns out to be the only thing that really mattered? What if we just don’t know what’s best for us? These are the kind of thoughts which result in overload and diffusion of focus. We fear there is something to lose so we cling on to everything just in case. As a result we have no focus, no direction, we lack clarity, our energy is low and we live in a fog of spiritual and personal paralysis, none of which is in the slightest bit conducive to peace or progress!

The cosmos is now calling time-out on this kind of overload. Enough is enough! We don’t need to be driven by fear of loss and the anxiety of making big mistakes. There are no mistakes, it reminds us, and there is nothing to lose, not when it comes to walking the path of spirit. For sure there are challenges and losses at the human level, some of which can be devastating. And certainly there are times in everyone’s life when we wonder just how we’re going to make it through another hour let alone a day, week or year. But these experiences are each a portal into Truth if we allow them to be. Each moment of struggle is matched by a measure of grace offered to us by the Divine. Each loss reflects the light of a new dawn heralding insight into the true nature of life as it is, not as we think it should be. Such insight and the wisdom that it seeds is valuable beyond measure and paying greater attention to the pain than the wisdom is like throwing the gift away and keeping the torn up wrapping paper.

Life itself demands that we make choices. We cannot do everything we desire, we cannot be everything that we wish to be. But we can be ourselves, one hundred percent, living life to the full with passion, commitment and shrouded in grace. In order to do this we need to discern what is of value and what’s just obscuring the view and then act accordingly. Today the heavens encourage us to do just this and focus. Decide what really matters and then commit to living it one hundred percent. If we do that we can’t go wrong, because whatever happens afterwards and whatever we think about the choices we make, the portal to Truth remains open, inviting us in to the dimension in which no mistakes exist, nothing is lost and we are never forsaken, only loved and held as we mature into all that we are meant to be.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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