3rd November 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Leo

by Sarah Varcas on 27/10/2015


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Make Nothing Personal


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 12:25 p.m. UT in the 11th degree of Leo and warns us about taking life too personally at this point. As we approach the first exact square between Saturn and Neptune at the end of next month – a formative point on our onward journey into collective awakening – we may sense a growing intensity which demands some kind of response. A feeling grows that something big really needs to change, whilst we remain unclear about what it actually is. Frustration can take a hold in such circumstances. We want a shift and feel the pull of it increasing exponentially. The internal pressure of approaching change is akin to sitting atop a roller coaster as the car we’re in, everso slowly, approaches the highest tipping point before gravity has its way and we’re hurtling downward no holds barred. Such moments are accompanied by excitement and fear, anticipation and trepidation. We can’t go back and we know that soon we’ll be going forward so fast there’ll be no stopping us whatever happens, but the present is one of pressured limbo pushing upon us from all sides, demanding courage and faith.

So why are we being warned not to take all this personally, when the pressure is so intimately woven throughout our psyche and circumstance? How can it be anything but personal when we feel our life as we know it teetering on the cliff edge of irrevocable change? Of course it’s personal! It’s you and me with our unique circumstances, karmic forces, graces and obstacles, living life as best we know how and wondering what on earth happens next and how we go about making the best of it no matter what. But at the deeper and wider level this is just Mother Nature – life itself, Sacred Source – living through us, shifting and changing as she must, waking up our sleeping cells, numbed out emotions, suppressed memories and repressed feelings. The pressure we feel is us – our energy – building, growing, expanding as more and more of who and what we are comes to life. This is happening everywhere, this arising of awareness and rebooting of consciousness. It’s no more personal than the sky or the sea, the stars or the molten core of Mother Earth. We make it about us, weeping and wailing and wondering what to do with our life, and yet the process would happily continue on regardless of our involvement. It is what it is and we are part of it, but just as the air we breathe is not ours, neither is the awakening that rejuvenates our being and revitalises our soul.

We may feel resistant to this message. In fact we want it to be about us: our achievements and triumphs, our wisdom, the spiritualisation of our life as we grow in depth and awareness. We want to own the outcome of this process and become someone who is awake, not simply awakening itself. This Quarter Moon reminds us that only through the willingness to contemplate ourselves as nothing can we become anything that matters to the advancement of conscious evolution. Only by stepping out of our own way can we allow spirit to rise up sufficiently unbounded to channel the pure energy of awakening through our lives. She bids us release concepts of ‘me and mine’, of identification with externals. Simply let it all go, all that we think we are, and become sacred space through which life itself can manifest the new.

A challenging but courageous Moon, she reminds us we are simply life loving itself through all things and lighting its own way home. Our minds can’t grasp it and ego will resist its own perceived demise. But at this Quarter Moon, if we contemplate the space we truly are – the absence of identity and substance that is our true nature – we will receive revelations of truth and grace that prepare us for powerful shifts while Saturn squares Neptune in the coming year.

Sarah Varcas

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