3rd July: Rethinking Reactivity

by Sarah on 03/07/2013


On Fighting the Good (Pavlovian Dog) Fight…


Sarah Varcas

Understanding is highlighted today. We need to look into our reactivity and ask ourselves why certain things trigger us in ways that others don’t. We all have them – those ‘issues’ which always get our goat and fire us up, no matter how much we may wish they didn’t! They form places of vulnerability within us, not because they trigger us, per se, but because if we don’t understand why they do so we can’t decide whether or not it’s a trigger we want to maintain!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with feeling strongly about some things. Without such passions revolutions would not occur, freedoms would not be fought for and rights would not be established. The issue now, however, is whether we’re investing our passion into things that truly matter or just things that have hooked us for other reasons: perhaps because we were brought up to be triggered by them, according to the beliefs and priorities of our family, or because these were issues that mattered deeply to us in the past but are really of less importance to us now.

The cosmos points to this reactivity and asks us to reconsider. It questions whether the energy expended in such emotion is used effectively or wasted on matters that no longer require our investment and attention. There is no right or wrong answer. It is asking the question that matters, allowing ourselves to decide whether we wish to continue our emotional investment or whether we would rather withdraw it to spend on something more edifying.

Neptune assists us in asking these questions, by pointing out that an awareness of how we use our emotional energy is a valuable treasure not to be disregarded. All too often we respond blindly when emotions rise up within us. They take us under their power and we end up doing their bidding without a second thought. But right now we need a second thought, and maybe even a third, to assist us in discerning exactly where we need to place our energy and attention for the best possible effect and outcome. The answer to this question may result in a need to withdraw from familiar positions, causes and commitments which have served to define us up to now. We may begin to recognise just how jaded our energy is around them; just how old and drained it all feels. This is a sure sign that our time of fighting these causes, acting on these emotions, is coming to an end. Alternatively we may discover that yes, our energy is still fresh and strong, vibrant and hopeful, in which case continued involvement is clearly well indicated.

We may be talking huge humanitarian causes here or tiny personal issues that arise from day to day. Either way, if our emotions are fired without our truly understanding how and why we are a mere Pavlovian dog, drooling at the sound of a bell believing it to be food. If, on the other hand, we can recognise the mechanism of response and discern whether it is edifying or otherwise, we can begin to make conscious and considered decisions about how we use our energy and where we invest it. In doing so with care and consideration we will find that more energy is made available to us as we demonstrate our ability to use what we have wisely and with awareness.

May we all have an insightful day!

Sarah Varcas

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