31st May: A Grand Trine in Water Begins

by Sarah on 31/05/2013


Water Healing


Sarah Varcas


Yesterday I spoke about the coming shift in energy and today the shift begins, with a Grand Trine in Water forming, the Moon now in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and Mercury moving into Cancer. The formation of this Grand Trine heralds the beginning of several weeks during which we have its sensitively creative energy as a backdrop to our everyday lives. At first it may feel a bit ‘slippery’ and difficult to pin down. We may sense that something around us has changed but we’re not sure what. We may feel a bit disoriented, especially if we don’t have much water energy in our birth chart, but as the vibration begins to anchor on the earth plane for its lengthy visit we will begin to ‘get’ what it means for us, and the cosmic pool party can begin!

But for today, let’s just take it as easy as we can and gradually begin to feel out what this might mean for us. We may feel weary (this often occurs when we shift into a water vibration), weepy or just generally more emotional. We may feel a deep connection with an all-embracing oneness that washes over us without warning (Grand Trines in Water are great for experiencing this kind of connection!). Spending time by or in water will be especially cleansing and supportive today. Even just a long bath or a relaxing shower would suffice, but make it something special, rather than just part of the daily routine. Today’s a day to honour the water element everywhere and to offer up our thanks for the support it gives us each day of our lives.

And just as the water cleanses and heals us, it too needs our healing to complete the circle. There are millions who live without access to clean water or who must walk miles every day to collect it. For those of us blessed enough to turn a tap and have an abundant supply of this life-giving liquid, it is almost impossible to imagine living any other way. But this Grand Trine in Water is here for them too, and encourages us to remain mindful of their plight and alert to anything we can do to assist. The water element all over this planet needs to receive love and healing energy as much as it gives those very things back to us, and now is the time for as many people as possible to join in this healing circle, envision a world in which everyone has access to its life-giving and cleansing power; a world in which water ways are sparkling and full of life, not polluted, diseased and full of death. And once envisioned it is up to each one of us to do our part to make it happen.

There are powerful messages in the heavens today. They speak to us of sensitivity and compassion, shared suffering and collective healing. They point to the transformation which lies dormant until we can access the energy bound up in our emotions and apply it positively to our lives. But most of all they speak to us of the all-abiding One Heart which connects everyone and everything. They remind us that no matter how isolated we may at times feel, we are part of a magnificent whole from which we can draw strength and hope in the face of loss and hopelessness. Whatever healing we need today, the cosmos is poised to provide it through the beautiful medium of water. Drink it, bathe in it, sit or walk beside it…the water reaches out to us today and we are truly blessed.

Enjoy your day everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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