31st July 2013: Messages from the Moon and Mercury

by Sarah on 31/07/2013


Finding the Inner Voice


Sarah Varcas

There’s so much going on in the heavens right now it’s almost impossible to know where to start! The cosmos is alive with paradoxical energies, gentle supportive influences and harsh challenging ones. I’m a great believer that everything works out for good eventually (though sometimes eventually feels like a VERY long way off!), but some of the influences we’re dealing with at the moment may cause us to doubt this and feel too overburdened to maintain any semblance of objectivity.

So today we have a lesson in maintaining just such objectivity, first from the Moon and then from Mercury. Until the Moon enters Gemini at 15:43 GMT (31st July) she is Void of Course (free of aspects to any other planet), encouraging us, as I mentioned yesterday, to just BE. In just being we can begin to return to our essential self, to the essence of peace at the heart of each of us. At times like this it can be a challenge even to get there. The mental chatter – our own and other peoples’ – and the tyranny of the emotions under which we often find ourselves captive, can easily distract us from recognising the place of no words from which we are all born: that inner voice which speaks through intuition and insights beyond articulation. But in the face of all our challenges right now the Moon reaches out her hand to lead the way there and soothe us for a while. She encourages us to touch the earth, to smell the flowers, feel the rain or the sun upon our skin. To remember that we are just as we are and just as we are is perfect. There is great comfort in this message, shared with us as encouragement on a long and winding road.

As she moves into Gemini she gradually passes the baton of objectivity to Mercury in Cancer, who begins several days standing aloof from its planetary companions before it enters Leo on 8th August. In the sign of the crab, Mercury embraces the fact that few things are black and white in this world and most can be seen from countless angles, all of which seem correct from that particular point of view. Here Mercury allows us to be vague and uninvested in a fixed view. We can shift and change our approach, our communication, our understanding, as more and more layers of a situation reveal themselves to us. In doing so we are able then to embrace true objectivity, the likes of which is so often lacking in this world. Objectivity which recognises the validity of opposing views even as we may disagree with them. Objectivity which recognises that the opinions of the masses are not necessarily more true than those of the minority. Whilst Mercury in Cancer encourages us to cherish what is meaningful to us, it also reminds us that what is meaningful to others may be very different and equally valid.

In remembering this message we can more readily allow for difference. We can accept that our world view is not the ‘right’ one, just one among seven billion! And in accepting this we can let go of the need to impose our beliefs upon others in an attempt to feel more secure in ourselves. This is a big part of our path to peace in the coming days… expanding our mind to both cherish what is true for us and honour what is true for others, knowing that neither truth is better in an infinite cosmos born out of that place where no words are needed and no divisive thoughts can survive.

Sending out much love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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