31st January – 3rd February 2016: Mars, Saturn and Pluto Align

by Sarah Varcas on 27/01/2016


Mars in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, deep wisdom, managing the mind, managing emotions, conscious evolution

Image: ‘Many Paths Taken’ by Gary Rosenberg


The Path of a Spiritual Warrior


Sarah Varcas

Forming the smallest aspect structure possible (known as an ‘eye’), Mars, Saturn and Pluto offer a choice: to put all the data available to good use or allow it to overwhelm and bog us down. There is an impersonal quality to this alignment, which can be the very thing that saves us from overwhelm and enables the useful application of its wisdom. Acting somewhat like a radar, together these three planets pick up information from the environment which they channel through our mind and emotions, allowing us to process the energetic fabric of the world around us.

But what does this mean in practice?

Well….. it could mean a number of things. We may find ourselves hyper-sensitised to atmospheres and events, feeling everything as if it is personal to us when in fact it is anything but! If we make it personal we risk being sucked into dynamics, emotions and behaviours that are not generated from within but instead form part of the present moment tapestry within which we live and breathe. This tapestry stretches throughout our world. It doesn’t stop at the edges of our personal environment but instead crosses boundaries of time, place and person to connect all things and everyone. At times such as this we may unwittingly become ‘receivers’ of its energetic content which will find its match within our more personalised energy field, triggering our own anxiety and fear, grief or despair, and yes, even peace and joy if that’s what’s around. The latter pair may not be so much of a problem, but finding ourselves laden with difficult emotions that assail us from the ether may be!

In the event of the latter, the planets offer this advice: don’t think in terms of protection. That’s the last thing we need but may be the first thing we reach for. The notion that we need to keep ourselves safe from impinging energies generates ever greater fear and separation, which create yet more fragmented energy that feels threatening. This is an important lesson to learn this coming year when there may well be a lot of disowned and denied emotional and spiritual detritus flying around: none of it is a threat to us and we do not need protection from it. What we need is to become permeable so nothing sticks, allowing everything to pass through us like a breeze through spring leaves. Our protection is knowing that we need no protection, that our inherent wholeness cannot be diminished or compromised by anything at all. Ever. Recognising this fact and (bit by bit if necessary) relinquishing our self-protective consciousness that mobilises to keep out the unwanted and protect the good bits, constitutes putting the energy of this alignment to very good use indeed. Protection implies duality and duality creates anxiety which creates the perceived need for protection. And so it goes on. This alignment invites us to break the cycle, beginning now.

Another way this alignment may be experienced is through the clear perception of situations that have up to now escaped our understanding. Suddenly things become clear that were fuzzy and difficult to pin down. We grasp the nuances of conditions, information and experiences which heretofore we were unable to process. This can create some enlightening moments and productive realisations which enable us to make progress where previously we were missing the point. The way through a dilemma is at hand. Thus it becomes an alignment of insight and action which illuminates the path through a specific issue in our life.

Or, and perhaps more likely, we’ll experience a mix of the two, which will take some careful handling! Whilst assailed with all manner of information and data from our environment – be it intellectual facts, emotions, intuitions, instincts or an unsettling sense of foreboding – our task is to examine it, sorting the wheat from the chaff and gleaning all that is useful before allowing to pass through us, the rest. Which is why relinquishing any perceived need for protection is so important now, for we cannot sort through this stuff if we keep it at a distance. We need to know it from the inside to penetrate its true nature. Only then can we see how it fits into the bigger picture and the role it plays. If we fear the emotions, the deep knowing or unsettling awareness, we cannot receive its message, which will always come with a blessing if it we listen well.

This alignment offers the opportunity to see clearly what we’re dealing with, perceive accurately the next step and gather our courage to take it whatever it may be. But to benefit from it we must be prepared to entertain what we fear, welcome what we usually avoid and analyse what we would prefer not to be true. This is the work of a spiritual warrior: standing firm in the face of challenge, resolving to see it through us and out the other side. We’d best not resist or personalise what we encounter now, but know it, instead, as life in its many guises, just passing on its way.

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Sarah Varcas

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