30th May: On the Brink of an Energy Shift

by Sarah on 30/05/2013


Will You Take the Plunge?


Sarah Varcas


Today we find ourselves on the brink of an energy shift, and for many of us it will be a welcome one. The month of June introduces a fresh and rejuvenating vibration, which begins to build tomorrow, so if you’re feeling at the end of your tether at the moment, battered by events of the past few weeks and unsure of your ability to keep going in the face of obstacles, challenges and even plain old everyday stresses and strains, take heart: help is at hand.

When approaching such a shift of energy and influence we may well find ourselves even more wound up than usual! It’s a bit like that moment when you’re about to dive from the highest diving board, or propel yourself down the steepest water shute. Anxieties peak when you reach that point of no return, before you take the plunge, offering yourself up to the law of gravity and the embrace of your watery destination. Once you’ve surrendered…everything changes in an instant. A whole new energy rushes in and those fears are a thing of the past.

We’re on that diving board right now, peering down into the still blue water below, wanting to be there but wondering if we can let go enough to do it. The truth is we can, if we’re really committed to accepting the blessings of the coming energy shift we can do it. We can let go of whatever’s tying our mind in knots or causing our heart to retract and close. We can decide today that we will ‘Let Go and Let God’, in a spirit of faith that will prepare us for the fresh new energies waiting just over the horizon. And yes, with the Moon in Aquarius and Mars in the final degree of Taurus today, we’ll be able to come up with all manner of reasons why we can’t let go, why it makes no sense to have faith, why guaranteed outcomes are the only currency worth trading in and why it’s vital we understand everything about our situation before we take any kind of plunge. But none of these are reason enough not to do the dive. Quite the opposite in fact. They’re the very reason we should do it: to challenge the false supremacy of the rational mind and allow ourselves to experience something altogether more vibrant and inspiring. Something that connects us with Cosmic Mind, Heart and Spirit which know so much more than we give them credit for and who want to share their wisdom with us in a breath-taking act of generosity.

So whatever excuses we find today for not climbing those steps to the highest board in an act of faith and surrender, the heavens remind us that there is so much more going on than meets the eye, and we can never perceive it all until we choose to give up our blinkered view of life and plunge into an entirely different reality. It takes courage, yes, and faith. It takes letting go and giving up the need to know for sure and control outcomes. But the greater our willingness to take the plunge, the deeper we can dive into the fresh new energies flooding our planet in the coming month.

Happy diving everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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