30th August – 1st September 2013: Moon in Cancer

by Sarah on 30/08/2013


Heavenly Protection


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer where she remains until just gone midnight GMT on 2nd September. In doing so she enhances an already protective feel to the heavens, which speak today and throughout the weekend of the love within which each one of us is held by the cosmos. It’s been quite a week and we are still adjusting and adapting to the changes that have taken place. Our ‘energy upgrade’ is still fresh and new, and we may not yet be familiar with what it really means for us. Many have experienced fear this week, sometimes nameless and non-specific, other times too specific for their liking, almost like a premonition when premonitions have not occurred before. Others have felt engulfed by a profoundly positive and welcoming energy with which they have merged effortlessly and without hesitation. Still others feel no change, no shift and with that, perhaps, no hope. We each meet these new frequencies from wherever we’re at and they work through our system accordingly, clearing out the detritus lodged in our psyches, gradually breaking down the barriers erected over decades to keep out the unknown, opening us up to a whole new experience of life and what it really means to live it.

This weekend the heavens reflect these differences, somewhat like a large family of many children, each brought up by the same parents, in the same house with the same routines and rules, fun and laughter, but each experiencing it from their own unique perspective within the family system. One feels deeply loved, another smothered and restricted, yet another pays little heed to the family as there’s so much more to discover in the outside world. One’s an academic, another very arty. They all come from the same place and yet live their own unique life none the less, under the watchful gaze of mum and dad who want only happiness for their off-spring, knowing that what constitutes happiness will vary from one to another.

We are those children and the cosmos our wise and loving parents, guiding and supporting us, chastising and correcting us, believing in us no matter what and working always for the greatest good of the family. And this weekend we are invited to embrace our position in this cosmic family and deeply feel the love and support which exists all around us. Sometimes this can be hard to do. When life is tough and we’re under pressure we can feel anything but supported and loved, but when things are in flow it’s easier to ‘get’ it. This weekend, however, the heavens want us to know it whatever our circumstances, to feel it whatever challenges we’re currently facing.

They remind us that love is not always sweet at first taste. Sometimes it is the love of a parent saying ‘no’ to a child’s desire for unhealthy things or imposing the ‘no games before your homework’s completed’ rule! Parental love is not about saying yes to everything, but about making wise choices that nurture the growth of the child in the best possible way. It is this kind of love with which we are forever surrounded. No matter where we find ourselves, there is a presence committed to our growth and development, to the establishment of wisdom and insight in our lives. This presence is everywhere and all around, within us and without. We can call upon it in any moment and know its existence first hand. It blesses us with its presence and surrounds us with its love. It never abandons us nor does it indulge us when such indulgences are not in our best interests. It is a wise and loving mother, an affectionate and protective father and we, each and every one if us, are its cherished children.

There is nothing to fear in this family. No dark corners or painful secrets. No favouritism or scape-goating. Only love, the purest kind, infused with wisdom and strength and offered to us in the form of grace upon which we can call at any time, to light our way home.

Here’s wishing everyone a weekend steeped in cosmic love and saturated with grace.

Sarah Varcas

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