30th April 2013: Moon Conjunct Pluto

by Sarah on 30/04/2013


Blessings That Bruise and Terrible Graces


Sarah Varcas

The Moon teams up with Pluto today, creating a fusion of energies which could go one of two ways: either we decide we can’t cope with what life’s throwing at us or we decide we can, and either way, to paraphrase Henry Ford, we’ll be right! So whatever’s going on for you, and me, right now, the best thing we can do today is decide that we’re going to get through it and be stronger as a result. If we really want to get radical we could even decide that what we thought was the biggest problem in the world is actually the biggest blessing in disguise!

Which reminds me of Joni Eareckson Tada, who became a quadriplegic following a diving accident at the age of 18. She once stated ‘this wheelchair is a bruise of a blessing, a terrible grace’. These words struck me deeply when I first heard them many years ago, and they have stayed with me through my own (far less dramatic) challenges ever since. They reveal the paradox of trauma and suffering: that within it often resides the biggest and most transformative blessings. We encounter aspects of ourselves we would not have done otherwise, and we discover qualities and strengths that would have lain dormant had we not needed to call upon them for our emotional, spiritual and physical survival. I have no doubt that had Joni contemplated the future laid out before her just prior to her accident, she would have concluded there was no way she could survive such a shocking turn of events. But not only has she survived, she’s thrived too, and made a significant impression upon the world in the process.

These bruising blessings occur in big and small ways throughout our lives. Every day has its ups and downs and today will be no exception to that, which is why I wanted to mention Joni. Because when we can find the blessing behind the bruise, and the grace within the terror, we are on the path to self-empowerment like never before. Because at that point we have stepped out of ‘life isn’t fair’ and ‘poor little me’, into a world in which nothing can break us and everything can make us, if we let it.

Have a good day!

Sarah Varcas

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