2nd to 4th August 2013: Moon in Cancer and Mercury’s Return

by Sarah on 02/08/2013


Answers in the Silence


Sarah Varcas

This weekend presents an opportunity to return to centre, take a deep breath and regain some of the peace (or should that be pieces?!) we may have lost in recent days. The cosmic theme is one of searching, but in a focused and intentional way, not just desperately scanning the terrain for any old sign of life or hope, but seeking out the most direct path to peace and then walking it! In the coming few days we have a chance to return home to ourselves, shake off extraneous baggage that we may have picked up recently and put our feet up for a moment.

It’s not always easy of course. Sometimes returning to centre takes what can feel like a massive effort! But when that’s the case it’s often because we’re trying too hard and putting out effort which, in itself, hinders not enhances peace. And sometimes we have to keep returning in every moment, as our over-active mind and riled emotions take off with a life of their own, dragging us along behind them! But wherever we find ourselves in relation to our own centre right now, this weekend we have an opportunity to come home, relax and just be for a while.

On 3rd (4:31 a.m. GMT) the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer joining Mercury, Mars and Jupiter there and forming yet another Grand Trine in Water! Yes, we are awash with them these days!! But in her own domain the Moon brings us emotional comfort and nourishment. She reminds us to go easy on ourselves and each other. To remember that emotional healing takes time and patience, and navigating our way through the things in life which wound us is an often underestimated challenge! If we can’t overcome our emotions in the blink of an eye or replace a negative thought with a positive one it doesn’t mean we’ve failed. It means we’re in the midst of a deep and abiding process which, when complete, will have cleaned out every corner of our psyche, leaving no stone unturned and no healing undone.

And she also reminds us we are not in the Evolutionary Olympics! We’re not competing to see who reaches the finish first, who’s ahead of whom, who’s performing best in the healing stakes. We’re all just walking our own path in our own way. Companionship and support can ease the journey considerably. Comparisons and judgements merely serve to lengthen it and place unnecessary obstacles in our way. After all, there is nothing to compare. In the end we are all one, breathing the same air, walking on the same earth, looking up at the same stars. What one of us does we do for everyone and what one of us heals is healed for the whole.

On 4th August Mercury returns to the degree in Cancer in which it turned retrograde on 26th June. In doing so it presents us with the same choice as back then: which path to choose and with whom to walk it? Life often gives us with more than one option and frequently the best one in the long term is the most challenging in the present. We may fear for what we could lose if we give up the path we’re on for a new and more appealing one. Or we may fear that the choice we make will eventually turn around to bite us, but too late to unmake the decision and regain lost ground. Hence we remain immobilised in the present, fearing the future and burdened by the need to make a choice about it.

Mercury tells us that we need to start making choices we’ve been putting off. Since the end of June it has enabled us to review relationships and connections, emotional attachments and unspoken expectations. But in the coming weeks we need to decide where we go from here and then commit to that direction. After this weekend of returning to centre we begin to walk fresh ground and we must do so in a new way, not regurgitating old thoughts and behaviours, routines and emotions, in the hope that they will somehow take us to a new destination regardless. Old maps will take us to old places. New maps will lead us to new ones. It’s that simple and that challenging.

So as we rest in our centre this weekend, returning to the inner voice which always knows the truth of our situation, Mercury asks us ‘Where to now?’, and we can listen, in the silence, to the answer within which will show us the way.

Enjoy the silence (and the answers!) everyone. And have a good weekend!

Sarah Varcas

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