2nd September 2014: Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah on 28/08/2014


 Divine Harmony


Inspired or Just Tired?


Sarah Varcas

At 11:12 am GMT we have a waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. Whenever the Moon is in Sagittarius it brings upliftment and the potential for inspiration if we use it well. A Quarter Moon in the sign of the archer provides the opportunity to be discerning about what inspires us, so as to use its energy in the most positive and focused way possible. It’s not enough to simply be fired up (especially given what we were talking about yesterday: finding the spirit in everyday things), we also need to know why something inspires us and whether our inspiration is in alignment with life or a convenient but temporary distraction from the more mundane aspects of existence.

There exists a certain restlessness about this Moon, an impatience with the way things are despite its promise of success. We may find ourselves torn between following our bliss and cleaning the floors (unless cleaning the floors is blissful for you in which case… enjoy!). We are once more faced with the ‘either/or’ nature of the mind, the dualistic outlook which often drains our energy and keeps us stuck. The mind lives in the realm of time, telling us we don’t have enough of it, or our best days are behind us, the future is scary or we’re too old for X, Y or Z. Spirit on the other hand, lives outside of time, in a realm of now in which potential exists fully energised and ready to be realised in the moment. This Moon invites us to bring these two realms together, blending the dualistic world of mind with the absolute world of spirit and discover what it means to live in both and thrive.

We need the whole time thing from a practical point of view. It keeps life ticking over and enables us to make arrangements and live in synch with others. But we don’t need it to stress us out, leave us feeling cheated or burdened, stifled or driven into an early grave!! Like the mind, time is a handy tool but when it becomes our master we’re in trouble!! This Quarter Moon reminds us that sometimes inspiration acts as a flight from the perceived constraints of time, lifting us into another dimension where we see possibility and a new way of being; but if that’s all it is without commitment, action, or focus, we’re simply using it as a drug to alleviate our disillusionment or dissatisfaction with the present. Once the inspiration’s passed we’re back where we started, wondering if we’ll ever find a way to bring about the changes we so desire.

So whilst this Sagittarius Moon promises inspiration, it does so with a specific purpose in mind: to help us see how we use its energy in the longer term. Do we allow inspiration to energise our spirit and carry us forward to fruition or do we enjoy it while it lasts then flop back into the greyness of everyday life which promises little other than the next moment of fleeting inspiration, if and when we can find it? And how willing are we to attend to the tiny and seemingly insignificant steps necessary to bring about change? How patient can we be, exacting in our approach, committed to the path whatever we find upon it?

These are important questions now, for this month is not one of extremes but of finding balance, between the divine and the mundane, the personal and the collective, the spiritual and the physical. If we cannot manage our existence within these different dimensions we cannot fully incorporate change into our lives no matter how deeply we desire it. For change happens on all levels not just one, and we need to ground and anchor it throughout our being and beyond in order for it to flourish and grow. So whilst we manage those little adjustments mentioned yesterday, and tweak the look of our everyday life, we can ask ourselves, what truly inspires us, not as a break from daily greyness and boredom, but as a calling from our soul that says ‘THIS is the path you need to walk!’. And how do we respond to that inspiration when it arises? Because if we’re failing to meet inspiration with action or are only inspired long enough to feel a bit better before we crash, we’re shorting out before we’ve begun and something needs to change.

When we need inspiration simply as a break from monotony and not as a message from the divine, we will miss the messages that say ‘only small adjustments for a while’, ‘patience and forbearance are needed right now’ or ‘now is not the time to act but to wait’. They don’t come with the same rush and excitement, but as gentle whispers from the soul and if we miss them in favour of the next big buzz we may be turning our back on the very things which promise us fulfilment in their own timing.

If taken on board, the message of this Moon will help us discern more clearly in due course, when we are inspired for the right reasons and when we’re just looking for a way out of the present moment. Clarity on this can save so much time (that word again!) wasted on highs and lows which lead nowhere and help no one in the long run

Sarah Varcas

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