2nd September 2013: A Month of Realignment Has Begun

by Sarah on 02/09/2013


A Test of Integrity


Sarah Varcas

Throughout the coming week Mars, Saturn and Neptune ask to what extent do we live according to our insight, wisdom and fundamental beliefs? In other words, how far does our exterior life reflect our inner life and vice versa? These are vital questions for this time, because the integrity of our lives, our conduct and our commitment to truth is under cosmic scrutiny right now and any area in which we are found wanting – by proclaiming one thing but doing the other, judging others before we take ourselves in hand or simply by lacking the will to change in the ways we say we want to – will be under pressure throughout the coming month.

It’s important, however, that we make no assumptions about the outcome of this exercise. If, on reflection, we identify that whilst we say we want to change we seem to be making very little effort to do anything differently, that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to make a start. It might mean that we don’t actually want to change in the ways we say we do. Actions frequently speak louder than words and whilst it’s easy to find all kinds of reasons for not doing what we say we want to, the truth of the matter may simply be that we don’t actually want what we say we want after all. Which then begs the question… why did we think we wanted it in the first place?!

Which is really the crux of the issue highlighted by the heavens this week, because if we don’t really know why we want what we say we want, we won’t really know if we want it! Desire is a strange thing and can be almost contagious in its influence. If enough people around us want something we may get on board without even realising it! When the collective energy field is awash with desire, envy and competitive ownership it can be hard not to get sucked into the same dynamic no matter how detached from it we perceive ourselves to be. And with spiritual materialism just as rife in our culture as the economic kind these days, we can easily be swept along in the latest teaching, the newest spiritual practice or healing technique, the latest teacher on the scene without taking a moment to ask whether this is what we really want. Do we really resonate with this, or are we just being pulled by the rip tide of other peoples’ desire?

It’s a difficult one because the desire for acceptance and inclusion can powerfully influence the things in which we invest our longing, making it tough to break away from places, people, teachings and practices with which we do not truly resonate. There can be a great sense of community within groups of like-minded supportive people, but take a step away from the prevailing discourse of the group and that can change in an instant! It’s only a small but often very painful step from insider to outsider in such circumstances, and we may lack the robustness we need to make the leap. So we stay in the fold, not quite comfortable, not really engaged, but at least accepted and affirmed.

However, September is THE month to change this. If we’re in the wrong place, surrounded by the wrong people affirming the wrong things, we need to get up and walk. It may take courage, it may invoke some conflict, we may be criticised or rejected, but still it needs to be done. There is no more time to invest our energy in what we don’t really want just because it’s safer that way. Unless, of course, what we really want is the safety of being accepted and remaining unchallenged. And if that’s the case, that’s fine too, but we need to be honest about it. We need to face up to our motivations and recognise what’s really driving the choices we make, because in doing so we can assess just how aligned our inner and outer lives are and begin to take action accordingly.

The coming month is one of realignment, during which the integrity of the fabric of our lives will be tested. This week we have the opportunity to stay ahead of the game and test it ourselves to discover exactly what it is we really want and how to best go about getting it.

Enjoy the week everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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