2nd June: Moon in Aries

by Sarah on 02/06/2013


 Unfinished Business Beware!


Sarah Varcas


At 6:35 a.m. GMT the Moon entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the place of new beginnings. This is of particular significance today because, as I mentioned in my overview of the month ahead, we are now receiving an influx of new and fresh energy, corresponding with the water element, which began on 31st May. This entry of the Moon into Aries points to the completion of the cosmic ‘download’ and the beginning of its installation. Excuse the computer analogy but it seemed like the best way to describe it! We now have all the ‘data’ we need to embody the new vibration, but we have to actually engage it at all levels of our being in order to explore, experience and use that energy in a conscious way.

Over the past few days many people have felt this shift very powerfully, some with great excitement and anticipation, others with an unsettling feeling of being thrown off kilter and some with plain old tiredness which often accompanies a shift into water energy. Wherever we find ourselves on this spectrum of experience, over the coming couple of days we have an opportunity to install our new operating system (sorry, computers on the brain today!!) and begin to discover just what it enables us to do.

The Moon has some advice for us in this respect: Pay attention to those niggling things that leave you unsettled and vaguely uncomfortable but you’re not sure why, because they’re pointing to something altogether more substantial that will need addressing this week. These are the things that we push to one side over and over because it’s easier to do that than deal with them, but they just keep coming back to haunt us. At the same time they don’t seem like such a big deal that we should really waste too much time on them. So they remain in the background, sapping our energy without ever really being resolved.

We could be talking about any number of things: a certain nuance in a particular relationship that spoils what would otherwise be a happy and positive connection; a particular chore that we know we need to do but we just can’t face it and, hey, if we leave it long enough we won’t even notice it needs doing… It could be an area of our life that we know we need to focus on for a bit but can’t quite find the time. Perhaps we need to balance our bank account and sort out some bill payments, or there’s that pile of papers in the corner that we know we need to deal with but just can’t summon up the enthusiasm. They can seem like fairly petty little things, these niggles in our lives, but they wield a greater influence than we think. The Moon wants us to recognise this now and take action.

Anything in our life that we’re avoiding dealing with takes up energy. It lays claim on a little bit of our attention even when we’re not aware of it. Part of us knows it’s there and needs addressing, leaving that part occupied and unavailable to us until the deed is done. Likewise these unfinished things also give off energy: the energy of neglect, of denial and avoidance. Gradually, over time, this energy pollutes our space and our own personal energetic field, making it harder to engage positively with other areas of our life. The remedy to this lies completely in our hands, and today the Moon tells us: Just do it! Whatever needs dealing with, deal with it, and in doing so we will be ‘installing’ the new energetic vibration that’s just awaiting our engagement. The very space produced by removing the old stale energy will be instantly filled with the freshness of this new vibration gifted to us for the coming weeks. If we have a lot of ends to tie up and unfinished tasks to complete it could take a while, and that’s fine too. The key is to make the commitment today to get through them. Make a list and tick them off as they’re done and dusted. Even if it takes weeks to get through, each tick on that list will be a new influx of energy into our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.

So, unfinished business beware! Your time has come to be transmuted into new energy, new life and new possibilities.

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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