2nd June 2015: Full Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah on 25/05/2015


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Calling Time on the Past


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full at 4:20 pm GMT in the 12th degree of Sagittarius. Forming a T Square to Neptune she brings heightened sensitivity alongside sharpened perceptions. Confusion may abound, as may inspiration. If we seek uncompromising certainty we may be disappointed. It we are willing to embrace the deeper mysteries of life and welcome the unknown we will reap her blessings.

This Moon calls for a release of the past and all identifications to which we cling for certainty. She cleanses both collective and personal history, dissolving ties to outdated feelings, outmoded ideas and old emotions which simply keep us bound to a life no longer lived. She requests commitment of spiritual will to remain in the present, a steadfast refusal to react to current events based on old emotions. No matter how similar things may seem, we are not who we once were and life is forever changing like the proverbial stream into which we can never step twice on account of its constant flow. It is our choice whether old patterns are allowed to die or continually resurrected to be lived anew. This Moon requires awareness of the extent to which we replay old dynamics and asks that we instead allow the past to be the past. With the current Uranus/Jupiter trine our options are expanding, as is our potential for change. Recognition that we can go no further with old habits by our side will be rewarded with a deeper sense of faith and a surer footing on the awakened path ahead, as we release who we were to become who we have always been beneath it.

Of course, old habits die hard and it can be tough to change some of our most deeply ingrained patterns. Inter-personal dynamics which repeatedly occur, obstacles we encounter over and over again, these are what keep us replaying old records instead of listening to new ones! Right now we are encouraged to step out of familiar grooves of thought, feeling and behaviour and simply allow something different to arise in its place, even (and especially) if that ‘something different’ is just us not reacting in our usual ways. This Moon defies the assumption that feelings must change before behaviours can and encourages new behaviour even when we feel the same: do something that challenges our feelings not aligns with them, that breaks old habits not enhances them. ‘Choose a new way in old circumstances’ exhorts this Moon, ‘for only by doing so will you discover just how creative you can be!’.

Change is often confusing but that’s no reason to avoid it. The world around us may be less than encouraging about our adjustments. We may want each other predictable, doing what we do when we do it, even if it frustrates us to hell and back!! New found creativity or courage in turn challenges others to the same, triggering defensive dismissal or unsettling confusion, both of which inhibit openness to new potential – our own and other people’s. But it’s time, now, to exchange fear of the new for the excitement of anticipation and commit to living a new life in a very different way.

A concomitant Yod apex Pluto at the time of this Full Moon confirms that issues we thought we could never resolve, character traits struggled with for a lifetime, intractable problems rooted deep within our psyche, all can begin to dissolve. It signals the culmination of old habits and the start of their demise if we’re willing to let them fade, ignoring the urge to rake up the past and do what we’ve always done. It takes effort to resist the seduction of old ways that render us comfortably numb. If we fail to resist, deciding, instead, that new behaviours can only arise from an elusive emotional shift, self-sabotage may be rife. A lack of emotional self-discipline will sow the seeds of continued struggle with issues that should be abandoned to a timely demise.

This isn’t an ‘easy’ Moon. It challenges us to break through deep rooted tendencies in an act of radical renewal which will reverberate throughout our future. Fresh perspectives, new ways to respond, novel emotions that arise from a vibrant present not a resuscitated past, all wait around the corner of change while we decide whether or not to do things differently. Responding now in a new way will unleash potential and possibility previously bound by our refusal to be anything other than who we once were. This Full Moon informs us, in no uncertain terms, we are not who we were nor who we think we are. We are someone else entirely, awaiting our own emergence from an undying commitment to be born anew.

Sarah Varcas

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