2nd – 11th October 2015: Mars Opposition Neptune

by Sarah on 29/09/2015


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Planting the Seeds of Forgiveness


Sarah Varcas

An aspect of forgiveness, this alignment comes not a moment too soon after an intense pair of eclipses that have shaken things up for many. The eclipse season continues until 12th October even though there are no more actual eclipses to be had this time around, and this opposition between Mars and Neptune guides us as we navigate our way through some potentially choppy waters and out the other side.

That said, an opposition isn’t naturally a sign of forgiveness as such, and this one is no exception. It offers not peace and understanding on a plate, but an opportunity to bring compassion to the wounded places within ourselves and others, allowing for healing to begin. Often misunderstood as a simple process of ‘moving on’ from hurt and strife, forgiveness is, in fact, a complex and multifaceted experience of pain and vulnerability, anger, regret, realignment, compassion, enquiry and insight. Whilst it may be relatively easy to forgive and forget some of the smaller hurts and affronts we encounter in everyday life, the deeper wounds we inflict upon each other can take many years to heal and the process of forgiveness is a long and often stormy one.

The cosmos is digging deep within us at this time. Our most tender and vulnerable places may feel exposed and raw, triggering defensive reactions or a desire to run and hide. Gentleness is called for, a soft embrace of acceptance and love for ourselves and each other. We are all walking the same path even though it may take different forms. As Mars and Mercury remind us, recognising our shared humanity can go a long way right now to overcoming any antipathy or discord left in the wake of the lunar eclipse, a humanity that seeks love and acceptance, a place to belong and a future that makes past struggles worthwhile.

In Virgo, Mars can turn a critical eye to pretty much everything about everyone if it feels so inclined! Under its laser-like glare we can all look profoundly flawed. But Neptune in Pisces reminds us we are what we are: a perfect reflection of all that combines to create this moment. Wounds and triumphs, love and pain, acceptance and rejection; all take their rightful place within us and become our very selves. Whilst we may struggle with who we are, with unmanageable feelings, troublesome circumstances and challenges that at times threaten to destroy all we hold dear, committing to the development of a compassionate first response – especially toward ourselves – is vital. Whatever we’ve been through, however deep our shame or despairing our heart, the cosmos reaches into our most painful places with a healing touch, mitigating our pain with self-acceptance, mutual support, patient compassion; strengthening our commitment to living evermore peacefully upon this planet.

As we journey through the rest of this eclipse season with Mars and Neptune by our side, it’s vital we relinquish blame of self and other and allow forgiveness to begin. It won’t happen in the blink of an eye and won’t all be rose petals and candy. Forgiveness can be hard. It challenges us to rethink how we view the world, how we look after ourselves and manage the interface with other people. It demands that we consider the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, accepting that the latter may never come. We do not set back the clock when we forgive, but instead, and eventually, move forward unfettered by past pains. Forgiveness denies nothing of what happened, but instead weaves its wounds and their healing into our soul, allowing the perfect fullness of who we are to shine through.

Let the seeds of healing be planted in our deepest wounds, for they sprout new life in our heart even when watered by bitter tears. The heavens remind us that healing takes time and doesn’t always look how we anticipate. But nothing aids it more than a gently opening heart: to ourselves, each other and to every wound everywhere that cries out to be healed.

Sarah Varcas

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