29th & 30th June 2013: Moon in Aries

by Sarah on 29/06/2013


Honing Inner Vision


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters Aries to complete the month of June. This is a fiery Moon that wants to get on with things. ‘Act first and don’t waste time thinking later’ could be its motto! However, on this occasion Venus, Jupiter and Saturn offer some supportive advice to encourage positive action rather than just any old action for action’s sake. They remind us that the wider context of our actions is just as  important as their immediate impact and appreciating this will help us decide how best to act in the more personal environment of our everyday lives. Nothing happens in isolation and everything we do has consequences. The more we can appreciate and embrace this fact the better able we are to choose our actions wisely and with discernment.

Finding this balance is essential now. Focusing too much on the bigger picture in a ‘what will be will be and if it’s meant to happen it will’ approach can cause us to be too complacent when action is needed to show the universe just how committed we are to fulfilling our vision for the future. Conversely, being too obsessed with the petty details of life, desperately trying to control everything and keep it all in order can stifle the process of creation which needs space to breath and room to manoeuvre.

As we complete this month and progress into July we have an opportunity to reflect on our focus and make any necessary adjustments. It’s a bit like adjusting the focus on a pair of binoculars. We may be looking too far ahead when we need to pay attention to the foreground, or perhaps we’re just relying on an old pair of reading glasses when we really need a state of the art telescope to observe events way off in the distance! We can often become so familiar with our particular view that we forget there are others to be enjoyed, different ways to focus, new details to notice. This weekend we’re encouraged to remember this, because in shifting our focus we may well spot a whole new angle or an additional detail that we’d overlooked before.

Trouble is, making this kind of adjustment is often easier said than done. We focus on our life and the world around us in a certain way because that’s how our own personal perception works. If our ‘inner vision’ is myopic we’ll get used to the distance looking blurry and unformed. Adjusting our vision to bring it into focus can leave us feeling intimidated by the long road ahead. If long-sighted we’ll be familiar with the present moment looking vague and intangible. To bring its details into focus can be a bit overwhelming. Suddenly there are all these things needing attention! It all seemed so much gentler before, when we could just gaze into the distance with perfect clarity. Of course, that far off destination doesn’t look so clear once we arrive. In fact it’s just a mass of blur again and that other destination in the distance looks so very inviting…

Being able to adjust our vision so we can see clearly into the distance as well as observing the details of our immediate environment – this is the task at hand. Developing the flexibility to adjust our perceptual field and shift it between the future and the present, the distant and the here and now, this is what will support us in knowing how best to act. Like trying out a new pair of glasses, it can take some getting used to. Sometimes seeing things clearly can be disorienting in itself when we’re used to blurry outlines and lack of detail. Just as envisioning the path ahead can be disheartening if it seems further than we at first thought. But essentially the information we can gain from such flexible vision far outweighs its negatives and enables us to act with discernment and focus, intention and commitment. Which brings us back to our Aries Moon, because nothing enjoys some positive action like she does!!

Wishing everyone a weekend of clear perception and effective action! I’ll see you in July!!

 Sarah Varcas 

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