29th July 2013: Almost a Grand Sextile…. but not quite!

by Sarah on 28/07/2013


Strawberries a la Pluto


Sarah Varcas

Today the heavens almost form a beautiful configuration known as a Grand Sextile. But please, note the ‘almost’, because it’s the operative word here. There has been much talk of this configuration in recent weeks and it has been hailed, on occasion, as an indicator of major transformational shifts the likes of which we’ve not seen before. If it were an actual Grand Sextile in the heavens above us today then I, too, would be flying the flag for miraculous occurrences and messianic moments, but as it is I’m just not ‘getting it’ in that way. I’m sorry, but it’s not speaking to me like that.

Now this doesn’t mean it isn’t significant, because it is. We have six planets forming a star shape across the heavens through a sequence of oppositions, together with a Grand Trine in Earth and one in Water, but we do not have all the necessary planets in the correct degree position to form even an inexact Grand Sextile, let alone an exact one. As such we have part of a Grand Sextile but not all of it. Which, to my mind, means we’re being shown potential but not given a certainty. We’re receiving an energy burst, but it’s one that has some tougher lessons to teach us than we may at first have hoped.

Like I said… I hate to be a party-pooper but I do want to say it as I see it.

There is enormous potential inherent in the cosmos right now. No doubt about that, but this configuration comes to raise awareness of our tendency to want it all at once in a single miraculous moment, a gift on a plate rather than working for the rewards that we desire. And it’s just not going to happen like that. The evolutionary process in which we are steeped these days is a deeply powerful one the likes of which we have never encountered. Every day challenges us to remove yet another layer of the old energies in order to embrace those of the new age which is being born around and within us. But this process takes time, it evolves, it doesn’t just happen. It seems to me this ‘not-quite a Grand Sextile’ is reminding us of exactly that. We are part of this process and we have a significant role to play in it, but it’s not happening solely for our benefit. It’s occurring within an infinite space in which consciousness exists in myriad forms and each spark of life within that space is impacted by and impacts the process as it occurs. So no matter how much we may want it all to happen in a flash for us, if it doesn’t reflect the energetic zeitgeist and suit the far greater good then it won’t happen that way. And right now the ‘almost but not quite’ nature of the configuration in the heavens today tells us we’re almost there but…well…you’ve guessed it… not quite!

Actually, to be honest, it’s not me being the party pooper, it’s Pluto, who’s way out of alignment to form the necessary sextiles with Saturn and Neptune. And that alone should tell us something, because if Pluto isn’t on board then sure as heck we’re not going to get strawberries and cream on a plate!  It doesn’t mean we won’t get strawberries in due course, and when we do they’ll be the sweetest and most succulent we’ve ever known, but we may have to climb through some brambles on the way to pick them ourselves. This planetary alignment today speaks of the need to reconcile our desire for a quick fix, with the nature of change which occurs in the paradigm of everyday life. Change which takes time, commitment, honesty, work and resolve, all of which are rewarded by healing, freedom and a realisation of potential, also fulfilled in the paradigm of everyday life.

The heavens now speak of building energy and rising potential, but it’s not the potential of sudden enlightenment and glorious rebirth. It’s the potential of removing our blinkers once and for all and recognising that WE have to make the change in this moment right now, not wait for the cosmic energy field to do it for us. We have to do it, in every moment of our lives, with every aspect of our consciousness. We have to choose enlightenment, here and now, over and over. And put in those terms you can see why it’s quite a tall order!

As I see it, cosmic energies come to help and support us. They teach us with their wisdom and guide us towards wholeness. They do this through interacting with our everyday lives, energising them and waking us up to the places within us which need our healing attention. But they don’t do the work for us. We do that. It’s our path, our role. We’re here to transmute the energies that flow through us into something whole and complete and today the heavens remind us that to do this takes time, commitment, patience and faith. Waiting for someone else, be it a spiritual teacher, a belief or a cosmic configuration to do this for us only distracts us from the true nature of the process we’re part of.

Like I say, sorry to be a party pooper but, well, it looks like (evolutionary) business-as-usual right now and if we struggle to celebrate that fact, instead seeking a miracle to stand in for our efforts, right there is the bit of us which most needs healing today.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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