29th August 2013: Inner Alchemy

by Sarah on 29/08/2013


Becoming the View


Sarah Varcas

Between now and the month end we have an opportunity to experience some inner alchemy. Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto join forces to remind us that as within so without, and if we want to make the most of the new energies bedding themselves in around us now it’s not too great a step to do so. These final few days of the month reveal something of the mechanism involved in the current shift and Venus reminds us that we only have to be in order to be changed, and yet that very process of just being seems so far from our usual state much of the time! Modern life emphasises doing not being, and with the ever-increasing demands upon our time and attention the amount of time we actually spend not-doing is often negligible if not completely non-existent. This, the heavens tell us (in no uncertain terms) is going to have to change.

Okay, it seems we’re being rapped across the knuckles here. It’s a telling-off, but a kind hearted one and with only our best interests at heart. We are being reminded that in our eagerness to embrace the process of conscious evolution we may have forgotten that there’s nowhere to be except here. Sometimes we can make evolution such hard work, and sometimes it is, but right now we are encouraged to take our foot off the accelerator for a minute and just enjoy the view, because in doing so the view becomes what we are and the watcher and the watched become one.

Of course, if we want to become one with the view we’re going to want to choose our view carefully, right? I mean, who wants to become one with a gas station or the local sewage plant? Well, actually no, choice is not the issue here. The cosmos is very clear on this one. Wherever we find ourselves and whatever form our current everyday experience takes, that’s the view we need to become one with, be it stormy relationships, the loss of a loved one, financial worries, health difficulties. Whatever the current manifestation of life we’re dealing with right now, the universe asks us to stop, breathe and take in the view, because in doing so we can become one with it and experience it from the inside looking out, rather than the outside looking in.

It’s an interesting shift in perception, because once we look out at the world from the perspective of our problems, rather than looking in on our problems from the perspective of the world, they take on a whole different hue. Our inner commentary on them can be quieted for a while, the value judgements applied to our experience can be left on the shelf and we can merely be the issue at hand. We can experience, from inside, the energy of an ailing body, a failing relationship, a life burdened by financial debt, and as we do that, something changes. Instead of panic, calm arises. Instead of physical pain, sensations begin to shift and change. Instead of discord a moment of harmony is born. Not because anything has changed in the outside world, but because our perspective has changed and we are no longer looking in and judging, but being with and embracing.

It’s something we can all do anytime we choose. Maybe only for a split second, before the mind pipes up again and the whole dualistic judgemental monologue  begins anew, but even that split second is like gold dust because it has interrupted a human habit cemented throughout history, of standing back and thinking about life rather than stepping into and embodying it. Once we can replace the old habit with the new one life itself will look and feel completely different, no matter how it manifests, because we will actually be living it, perhaps for the first time, rather than judging it and finding it forever wanting.

So over the next couple of days we’re encouraged to stop and take in the view that is our life, in all its beauty and all its pain, knowing that as we gaze upon it we and life become one in a moment of inner alchemy that can lay the foundations for a whole new way of being.

Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sarah Varcas

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