29th April 2013: Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 29/04/2013

Time Flies and So Can We!


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters Capricorn (12:22 pm GMT) to bring the month to a close. Traditionally speaking the Moon is uncomfortable in Capricorn. This earthy, pragmatic sign is not a good match for the impressionable sensitivity of the Moon and she can feel suppressed and inhibited there. However, this time around she has support from Mars and Neptune, who join forces to assist her in making the best of the next couple of days.

We all know it’s been quite a month and many of us are left with much to process and absorb, so this particular Capricorn Moon comes as a gift because processing and absorbing is exactly what she’s made for. And in her alliance with Mars and Neptune we have a very handy combination of influences to assist us with emotional adjustment, spiritual development and personal motivation. So as we address the emotional shifts that have taken place in the month now coming to a close, we can experience the results in our spiritual development and commit to taking the practical actions necessary to make any new insights and understanding not only an inner but also an outer reality.

Of course, doing all this will take some time, and probably longer than the couple of days the Moon moves through the sign of the mountain goat. However, this kind of inner work takes far less time than it used to! Have you noticed that? It seems to be a fairly common phenomenon these days. Issues that just a couple of years ago would have knocked us for six and laid us low, emotionally, spiritually and physically, now seem to work through our systems quicker. More intensely, for sure, but also quicker. Time flies by and, if we allow it, our troubles, problems, obstacles and challenges can also fly by with it. Everything seems to be more fluid these days, and if we step into that flow our own lives can begin to shift and change at an exponential rate.

So the Moon, who often struggles during this part of her cycle, reminds us today that just because something was difficult in the past it doesn’t have to be now, and just because we’ve struggled with something before doesn’t mean we have to continue the struggle indefinitely. We have an opportunity now to step out of old patterns and adopt new more life affirming ones. And these opportunities will continue throughout next month, as energies intensify once again, propelling us into a future that can be so much more than our past could even have been.

Sarah Varcas

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